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These 3 Heroes Are Perfect Combo With Balmond Jungler Mobile Legends

Note spinners, the following three heroes are perfect combos with Balmond jungler Mobile Legends, who are the three heroes?

Balmond jungler is a very popular meta in Mobile Legends at the moment, even beating the popularity of Akai jungler.

This one hero is more effective and suitable for fast gameplay. In order to make it even more terrifying, you have to use this 3 Balmond jungler combo heroes.

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hero op mobile legends
Photo via wallpaperaccess

First there is Nana, Nana’s cc skills really help Balmond get out of his maximum abilities.

Balmond is really good at attacking opponents with his 2nd skill and even his 3rd skill. Imagine how much damage the two of them produced.


Lucky spin atlas mobile legends

Then there is Atlas, here the ultimate Atlas is the key to the success of the combo with Balmond. When Atlas manages to hit his opponents using skill 3.

So Balmond just needs to cast skill 3 and the opponent’s boom will be flat in an instant.


Luo Yi's New Skin

Finally there is Luo Yi, having a combo skill that can attract opponents in one area makes Luo Yi really help Balmond.

Balmond can easily hit his opponent using skill 2 and finishing with skill 3.

Those are the 3 Balmond jungler combo heroes in Mobile Legends that are the most effective of all the existing heroes.

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