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3 Mage Heroes That Marksman Users Really Fear 100%

Did you know that there are three mage heroes that 100% marksman users really fear in Mobile Legends, who are they?

Of all the mage heroes in Mobile Legends, there are only three heroes who are truly terrifying for all marksman players.

The three mage heroes have very high killing abilities and some can even zone movements and prevent marksman users from joining wars or defending turrets.

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Are you curious about the three mage heroes most feared by marksman users? Check out the list for the SPIN Esports version.


Hero mage op mobile legends
Photo via nufuruu – Tumblr

The first is clearly Harley, he has very great long range skills. Even at only level 4, Harley can kill marksman heroes very effectively.

Including the marksman hero who is far away from Harley, he can be defeated easily because his combo skills are really deadly.


Hero jungler op mobile legends
Photo via Wallpaper Cave

Even though he has poor mobility, Eudora is a mage that marksman users are very afraid of, because this hero is all players who play mm roles so they are afraid of rotation or war assistance.

The reason is because Eudora often hides in the grass and appears to kill us with her deadly combo skills.


Hero mage marksman
Photo via Lona 0

Lastly, there is Kagura, 100% of marksman users agree that when fighting Kagura, our movements will be limited. All of that is because of skill 1 Kagura which has a very large area.

Skill 1 is even a trap where if we get close, we can be killed in one combo by Kagura.

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