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3 Most Effective Esmeralda Mobile Legends Counter Heroes 90%

You should know that the following 3 hero counters for Esmeralda Mobile Legends are 90% most effective, make her brown with these heroes.

You could say Esmeralda is the top tier offlaner hero in Mobile Legends at the moment, she can counter many offlaner heroes with her abilities.

But not all offlaner heroes can be countered by Esmeralda, because there are at least 3 heroes who can overwhelm Esmeralda and even get chocolate, anyone?

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Masha mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

First there is Masha, Masha has a skill that can penetrate armor and this skill can beat Esmeralda easily and quickly.

Not to mention that Masha doesn’t have a shield if played as damage and that makes Esmeralda even more overwhelmed when facing her for a duel.


Dyrroth Mobile Legends

100% Esmeralda will lose to Dyrroth in a 1vs1 duel. Skill 2 Dyrroth is the key to countering this one hero.

While Esmeralda will lose badly if she faces one on one with Dyrroth, all of her skills will be useless against this one hero.


Hero cc mobile legends
Photo via ArtStation

Finally, there is Kaja, the way Kaja counters Esmeralda is quite unique and requires patience. He has to repay damage to Esmeralda using his 1st skill.

While skill 3 is used as a finish when Esme’s blood is half, the magic damage that Kaja produces is quite painful as long as you have to be more patient when playing it.

Those are the three most effective Esmeralda hero counters to use, make her chocolate by picking these heroes.

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