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The Most Effective Counter Hero Wanwan After New Patch!

The Most Effective Counter Hero Wanwan After New Patch!

Even though he’s been nerfed quite a lot in the latest patch, Wanwan is still an annoying Marksman in the right hands, one of which is Goldlaner Geek Fam Caderaa.

But even though you are strong, you can still counter using certain heroes, usually Phoveus is one of the right answers.

Only for Phoveus himself it can’t be 100% effective because in fact his jump is not as fast as Wanwan’s dash.

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Regarding this, there is a hero who has just been buffed and has proven to be effective against Wanwan’s hero.

The Most Effective Counter Hero Wanwan

Hero fighter op Mobile legends
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Yep, it’s true that this hero is Minsitthar, a Fighter hero who is classified as one of the unsold heroes in MLBB at the moment.

However, the latest buff allows him to counter many heroes such as Saber, Wanwan, Ruby and others.

Any kind of dash will not work in Ultimate Minsitthar and it has been proven by one of the teams, namely AURA when dealing with Caderaa’s Wanwan.

Apart from the tournament, one of the pro players, namely R7, has proven that Minsitthar can be used to counter Wanwan through his newest YouTube video, which we provide below.

You can see for yourself that Wanwan can no longer dash as usual when she is in Ultimate Minsitthar. Indirectly it would be very easy to target Wanwan who couldn’t fly or walk.

That’s Wanwan’s counter after the new patch, you have to try it because it’s proven to be effective.

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