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The Most Effective Hanzo Counter in Mobile Legends, Makes Him Immobile!

Counters Hanzo the most effective is currently still one of the most interesting discussions in Mobile Legends because this hero is indeed very deadly.

The reason is, this hero has the ability to steal buffs as well as deal terrible damage from a great distance by relying on his shadow.

By relying on his shadow, he is also one of the hardest heroes to kill in the Land of Dawn, so you need the right hero to face him.

Therefore, the following is a list of Hanzo’s most effective counter heroes currently in Mobile Legends.

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Natalia Effectively Counters Hanzo

Most Effective Hanzo Counter
Photo via DeviantArt

Being able to disappear is certainly an advantage of Natalia to be able to finish off Hanzo suddenly.

The reason is, the passivity of the hero helps Natalia to be invisible to the naked eye so that her presence is often not noticed by opposing heroes.

This of course makes Natalia one of the best heroes in countering Hanzo who often leaves his real body inside bush.

Hayabusa Makes Hanzo Not Move

Mobile legends events
Photo via Pinterest

Ninja for ninja is certainly the right phrase to describe when Hayabusa is one of the best heroes to fight Hanzo.

Quad Shadows Hayabusa’s is certainly the key to winning every duel when dealing with Hanzo.

Of course, this hero can easily find the source of Hanzo’s shadow when he is using his ultimate.

Ling and Fanny Become Hanzo’s Nightmare

fannyling mobile legends

High mobility both from Ling nor Fanny being one of the main reasons these two heroes will be a nightmare for Hanzo.

Of course, Hanzo users will certainly not move because the two heroes can easily find Hanzo’s whereabouts by looking at the direction of the shadow source.

Even so, you also need to be aware of the movements of Hanzo, who often steals purple buff who became the main source of power from Ling and Fanny.

So, that’s all the heroes who are very effective in countering Hanzo in Mobile Legends at this time which of course you need to take note of, Spinners!

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