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Macro or Mechanics, Which Should You Master When Playing Mobile Legends?

Macro or Mechanics, which of the two must be mastered when playing Mobile Legends? This is the answer.

Macros and mechanics are two different things but both are basic things that must be mastered when playing Mobile Legends.

Macro itself is the ability to master the map, knowing and predicting the opponent’s position, the duration of the appearance of the buff and so on.

While mechanics or it can also be called micro is our ability to master the gameplay of certain heroes as good as possible.

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Which of these two things must be mastered first as a provision to play MLBB, mechanics or macro? Here’s the answer!

Both Are Very Important, But

Blind mobile legends map
Photo via Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Wiki – Fandom

Macros and mechanics are two things that are very important for you Mobile Legends players to master.

Both are basic things and must be mastered, but if you have to choose which one to master first, we will answer the macro.

As we said before, this macro is a broad term, this macro covers many things, starting from mastering the map, predicting the opponent’s movements, observing the opponent’s condition and so on.

Hero marksman op mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

In our opinion, you have to master this before mastering mechanics or micros, because things like that have an effect on you personally.

Meanwhile, this macro effect for all your teammates. That is the answer which must be mastered first between mechanics or macro in MLBB.

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