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Genshin Impact Officially Announces Two New Characters for Version 3.2!

Genshin Impact Officially Announces Two New Characters for Version 3.2!

Those who have been waiting for Archon Dendro’s arrival will be very happy to see Drip Marketing from the newest Genshin Impact.

As usual before the new version (in this case 3.1) Genshin Impact released new characters for the next version (in this case 3.2).

Of course, seeing the leaks that existed before, maybe some of you are not that surprised, just a little curious about the appearance of Layla’s character.

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Because in appearance Nahida or Lesser Lord Kusanali has certainly been seen in Archon Quest 3.0.

More clearly, this is the appearance of the two new characters.

Nahida, Lesser Lord Kusanali

Maybe a text anime styled image that says 'GENSHIN IMPACT AcT κε ERSZ'

Archon collectors have come together because you can already play Archon Dendro in the previous version.

Seeing the appearance of the splash art is very adorable and of course the character has a lollipop body.

According to leaks, skills will be strong enough to support Elemental Burst similar to Dendro Traveler, and Elemental skills can photograph opponents (like Fayz Trial).


Maybe an anime styled picture

Next is Layla, who has appeared for some time with her fan art, and voila, this is Layla’s true form and is more or less similar to her very glazed eyes, in keeping with her insomniac personality.

Overall very pretty and she will have Cryo Element with a Sword weapon. It’s possible that she can become support because according to the leaks, Layla’s elemental skills provide Shield according to Max HP.

For Elemental Burst it will be more or less similar to Lisa.

Those are the two new Genshin Impact characters that will be present in version 3.2 later. Who are you going to pull? Banner 3.1 now Cyno, Nilou, and Candace or skip this version and go straight to 3.2? Be patient, because version 3.2 will be available approximately 5 weeks from now.

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