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Important Tips to Avoid Lose Streak at the Beginning of the Mobile Legends Season

You should know the following important tips to avoid losing streaks at the start of the Mobile Legends season, remember this carefully, especially for solo fighters.

Losing streaks are something that Mobile Legends players really avoid, especially at the start of this season.

As the name implies, a losing streak itself is a condition where we are experiencing quite a lot of consecutive defeats and of course it destroys the playing mood.

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Regarding that, SPIN Esports has one important tip so you can avoid a losing streak at the start of this Mobile Legends season, what is it?

Use Hero Meta

Recall Minions mlbb
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A very important tip to avoid losing streaks is that you have to use meta heroes that are currently popular and op at the moment.

Remember that every new patch the meta heroes always change, even though sometimes it’s not significant, the changes will still be felt when in-game.

So from that you have to read the new patch first or you can watch the live pro player directly so you know which heroes are currently op.

high ground mobile legends
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And use the op alias meta heroes to rank, all of this is done so you can avoid losing streaks.

Because the losing streak starts with choosing your hero, then spreads to your in-game performance and ends up losing.

Those are important tips to avoid losing streaks in MLBB, do you have anything to add?

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