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Latest MLBB Tier List April 2023 For Goldlaner Roles!

Latest MLBB Tier List April 2023 For Goldlaner Roles!

The new patch brings a new meta as several heroes are nerfed, buffed and adjusted. Of course there have been changes to the latest MLBB tier list for April 2023.

Especially for the role of goldlaner who plays an important role in this meta, this is the latest MLBB tier list, have a look.

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MLBB Goldlaner Tier List 2023

Tier S

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The ranks of goldlaners in this tier are very strong if you can maximize them properly, although it counts that if you are proficient you can certainly bring victory because you are basically strong.

1. Claude
2. Bruno > Popol & Kupa
3. Granger
4. Popol & Kupa
5. Clint=Brody

*Description: > means counter, < means counter, = means equal strength.

In conclusion, Claude is currently very strong because in a late game team fight he is very strong. It’s a bit of a struggle in the beginning, especially when facing Popol & Kupa, but if you are assisted by roaming or are good at playing skill 2, it certainly won’t be a problem, especially when entering the late game, of course Claude is much stronger.

Next, there are Bruno and Granger who apparently got buffs and boosted their performance quite a bit.

Popol & Kupa is very good, especially if you want to play objectively, this hero is very strong in the early days and you should make better use of it.

Clint is the last option this season as a tier S, Clint is not buffed or nerfed and is still as strong as before.

Tier A+

The Most Effective Counter Brody in Mobile Legends

This tier can be said to be still quite strong even though it can be said to be only an option if tier S junglers have been used or all have been banned.

Tier A+
1. Brody=Clint
2.Karrie (Team needs)
3. Nathan
4.Beatrix (Nerf is still going strong with Wesker and Bennett

*Description: > means counter, < means counter, = means equal strength.

Overall, of course, the power of the heroes here will decrease, especially Beatrix, who became weak due to the existing nerf and cannot be wrong in casting skills.

Even though the two weapons mentioned are still quite strong and you can use them, they are certainly not as effective as before, as can be seen from Beatrix’s usage in MPL which has dropped dramatically.

That was the latest MLBB tier list for April 2023 after the new patch, nerfs, buffs and adjustments have slightly affected the performance of existing heroes so that they can be used again or even become less effective in the new patch.

What do you think, any other opinions? Can you write in the comments column?

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