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4 Explane Heroes Who Can Kill in the Epic Mobile Legends Rank

You should know that the following are 4 explane heroes who often slaughter all their opponents in the epic rank of Mobile Legends.

After the season reset, of course the majority of you will go down to epic, both those that were Mythic, Legend or in the epic itself.

Now about that for those of you who want to get out of epic rank or quickly leave that rank after resetting the season later or now.

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You really have to pick one of the 4 explane heroes in Mobile Legends, they can help you kill at that rank.

Yu Zhong

Hero fighter mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Want to win easily at epic? Just pick Yu Zhong because this fighter hero cannot be stopped by the players in epic. Most of them are still confused about how to stop Yz’s regen ability.


Mobile legends strongest fighter
Photo via DeviantArt

Sun is also on the list, even though it’s not as popular as the other fighters, you still have to pick Sun. When using it, you don’t need to be afraid of thick heroes, turrets and so on.


Thamuz hero mage
Photo via Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Wiki – Fandom

Then there’s Thamuz, want to play a barbaric and powerful hero? So Thamuz is the answer, you could say this one hero is the strongest barbarian hero and fits perfectly with the gameplay of epic players who often fight mechanics.


Hero Explane mobile legends
Photo via ArtStation

Lastly, there is Badang, do you need an explane hero that once the ultimate enemy is flat? So Badang is the answer.

If you can play Badang, this hero will be very scary because of the ultimate that cannot be canceled. Able to kill all enemies at once in one attack.

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