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Should Offlaners Help the Team When Taking Turtle in Mobile Legends?

Surely many of you are wondering whether offlaners should help the team when the core is taking turtles in Mobile Legends?

Turtle is a very important objective in the early game, the benefits you get when killing it are numerous and very useful for the team.

The question is, should the offlaner help the core while taking the Turtle objective even though it is far from the lane?

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Here are the answers and a few explanations because these are the questions that true offlaners think about most in Mobile Legends.

Help If Needed

update turtle season 19 mobile legends

The answer depends on the situation, help the core take the turtle if your help is needed.

But if it’s not needed then it’s okay not to help your team take the turtle, the point of it all depends on the situation that occurs.

But according to SPIN Esports, whether you need it or not, you still have to help your team take the turtle’s objective because this is very important even if the turtle’s position is far away in your lane.

Turtle Mobile Legends

As much as possible, clear the minions for a while then immediately join the turtles to zoning the enemy cores, helping attack the turtles and so on.

The functions and benefits of the turtle itself are very important for the team, especially in the early game, that’s why you really have to help your team take this one objective, because if the opponent can be dangerous for your team.

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