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Tips for Making Aamon Mobile Legends Damage Very Big

You should know that the following are tips for making Aamon Mobile Legends damage very large, one time the enemy is killed.

Aamon is a very popular hero being played by Mobile Legends players lately.

Thanks to his popularity in MPL and the moment of Aura High when using it, where High can kill opponents whose health is still quite full in just 1x Aamon’s ultimate.

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Regarding that, SPIN Esports has tips on making Aamon’s damage enormous, like what High did during vs BTR some time ago, what is that?

Play Stacks

Aamon mobile legends
Photo via Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Wiki – Fandom

Tips or the only way to make Aamon’s damage really big is to play the stack. Defend the stack and attack when the stack is full.

If you can play Claude, Natan or Barats then this is very easy to do. Because just like them Aamon also depends on the stack.

If you take too long or are not good at managing the stack, the damage that Aamon produces will be mediocre, unable to kill his opponent in one attack.

Meta mobile legends
Photo via YODU

Stack Aamon itself is obtained from basic attacks and Amoon’s skills, play stack him by using forest monsters, and when you reach your opponent, just attack directly using his ultimate.

And boom, the damage Aamon produces will be enormous. So the key is that it all depends on how big the stack you collect is. The fuller the stack, the higher the damage generated.

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