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Meet the 10 Most Powerful Transformers!

Transformers is a franchise that features giant robots, who fight each other to determine their destiny. Throughout the story, we are presented with a civil war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, in which the Autobots are depicted as heroes trying to save Cybertron and Earth. Many Transformers have been introduced in this franchise. But the question is which of them is the strongest? So, here are some of the most powerful Transformers that have ever appeared. Who are they? Check out the following Geeks!

Omega Supreme

Hearing its name alone, everyone immediately knew that Omega Supreme was a powerful being. Omega Supreme is known as the guardian of Cybertron. He doesn’t talk much and prefers to be silent. As one of the strongest characters, it’s only natural that Optimus Prime and other Autobots rely on Omega Supreme to be the last line of defense at critical times. His body size is also very large, which allows him to fight the Decepticons easily. In addition to a supporting physical form, Omega Supreme also has a variety of destructive weapons that can cause massive damage to enemies. One of his iconic lines is “Omega Supreme is always ready”. And sure enough, she would always stand up for those she cared about, and never let her guard down.

Rodimus Prime

In the film Transformers: The Movie, Optimus Prime is told to die in the first round of the film. So after the tragic death of Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime was then elected as the new leader of the Autobots. For geeks who don’t know, Rodimus Prime was originally named Hot Rod. He really dreams of being as strong as Optimus Prime who died in the war. And after using Optimus Prime’s Matrix, Hot Rod finally turned into Optimus Prime. Since then he started leading the Autobots, before finally Optimus Prime was revived. There’s no doubt about Rodimus Prime’s greatness because he killed Galvatron so easily.

Vector Prime

Billions of years ago, a being named Primus created thirteen Transformers to aid him in his battle against the evil Unicron. Each of Primus’ creations bears the name Prime. So one of the thirteen Transformers created by Primus is Vector Prime. Vector Prime is so old, that he is often referred to as the first Autobot. But even though he is no longer young, Vector Prime is a strong fighter. And after releasing the Matrix of Leadership, he chose to become the guardian of time and space. That’s why he also has the ability to travel time and manipulate time. Throughout his life, Vector Prime has often helped the Autobots against the Decepticons.


In the movie Age of Extinction, we can see Optimus Prime riding Grimlock. He is actually one of the strongest Autobots to ever appear in the movies. But what differentiates him from other Autobots, Grimlock lacks intelligence, patience, and tends to be brutal. He once cut off his enemy’s head and smashed it to pieces. So, because it was too brutal, there was a suspicion that Grimlock was actually the Decepticons. But actually, Grimlock also really hates the Decepticons because they always seize power for their own benefit, and because of that Grimlock tries to destroy the Decepticons.


Among the names above, it seems Megatron is the most familiar to our ears. Yep, he is the eternal enemy of the Autobots and Optimus Prime. Millions of years ago, the planet Cybertron was celebrating their golden age, where all the robots prospered and their lives thrived. But Megatron disagreed with all of that and chose to rebel. That’s what ultimately fueled the role of the Autobots and Decepticons brothers. On Earth, Megatron wants to enslave humanity and rebuild Cybertron. He is cruel and willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. Worse, Megatron claimed that he killed for the good of the Transformers. Of course apart from being a villain, he has a cunning, evil nature, and justifies any means to gain power.


Maybe some geeks think that Galvatron and Megatron are the same. But in fact they are very different. Granted, after Megatron’s death, he was reborn in Galvatron’s form, but that doesn’t make them the same. If Megatron was cruel enough, then Galvatron is even more cruel. He will bring death and destruction to all who stand in his way. Even worse, he can go mad and even thirst for blood. Besides having a new personality, Galvatron is also blessed with several improvements such as weapons, armor, and strength. That’s why the Autobots are more afraid of Galvatron than Megatron.

Optimus Prime

As the main leader of the Autobots, of course geeks already know this figure. He is Optimus Prime. He is very suitable to be a leader because he knows no fear. In addition he became the wisest Autobots on Earth. Optimus Prime has also led the Autobots for years, even his leadership has occurred since Megatron started the war. Optimus Prime does have many versions or incarnations, but his power, purity, and skills in leadership are always the same. As a leader, Optimus Prime has also made various heroic sacrifices, which has made him always loved by the Autobots.


If the Autobots have the Dinobots, the Decepticons have the Predacons. They have a physical form like a wild animal, and harbor hatred for Optimus Prime. Predacons can also be formed into much larger Transformers, named Predaking. What makes Predaking dangerous is that every Predacon that joins in forming Predaking has the same goal. Thus, Predaking has the same vision. As a Predacon, Predaking has a great love for hunting. In addition, he also has massive weapons, strength, and high animal instincts. That’s why Predaking is considered the deadliest Decepticons.


Originally, there were two of the strongest beings to ever live in the Transformers universe. The first figure was Primus, who created the Transformers as we know them today. Meanwhile the second figure is Unicron, where he wants to end all life and create a universe for himself, where he is the center. As a cosmic being, Unicron is able to travel across universes. He is also capable of devouring planets and he has already eaten 22% of the universe. He is also the greatest fighter in the world of Transformers, even beating his brother Primus. Not infrequently Unicron forms his own army, and gives them increased strength if they are willing to serve him. But actually that is Unicron’s trick because if all his plans work, no one will be safe, including his own men.


Maybe Unicron is the greatest fighter in the world, but Primus has an advantage that Unicron doesn’t have, which is intelligence. Whereas Unicron can traverse multiple universes at will, while Primus can simultaneously exist in all of them, at every moment. He was also the one who created the Transformers and created the Matrix of Leadership which contains the essential essence of Primus. That is why after someone uses the Matrix of Leadership, there will be a significant increase in strength. So in the Transformers story, Primus decides to turn himself into the planet Cybertron. From there all the robots were created. But one of the thirteen creatures Primus created turned against him and teamed up with Unicron.

Those are geeks, some of the most powerful Transformers to ever appear. Of course Unicron and Primus are in first place because the two brothers are the source of power in their universe. Among these Transformers, which one is your favorite geeks?