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Guessing the Ultimate Saga of the James Gunn Era of DC Universe!

Like the MCU with the Infinity Saga and Multiverse Saga, the DC Universe which is now being built by James Gunn also seems to have its own saga. Especially with the various extreme tweaks that have recently been made, of course the aim is to build a new saga story in the DC Universe. But what saga will James Gunn and Peter Safran adapt in the DCU?

With so many Saga or events in DC Comics, James Gunn can choose various stories that can be adapted for the cinematic universe he is building. DC Film and WB Discovery have chosen James Gunn and Peter Safran to be responsible for creating a new cinematic universe for the production house.

This they did after the decision to leave the Synderverse and rebuild a new cinematic universe. It is still unknown what future plans James Gunn has for this cinematic universe. However, like Marvel, DC Comics is rich in various epic and interesting stories that Gunn can build on in the next few years. Here are the various Saga that James Gunn could adapt.

Golden Age

The introduction of the Justice Society and some of its members in the film Black Adam yesterday opened the door for various other characters in the DC cinematic universe. And based on this, Gunn has the opportunity to adapt one of the stories that focuses on this team of heroes, namely The Golden Age. The storyline itself focuses on members of the Justice Society of America who decide to retire after the second world war.

When the heroes try to live an ordinary life in a world where they are no longer valued, a new group of heroes appears to try to replace JSA’s position. This storyline does focus on a war of ideas, which might relate to today’s modern life. And Gunn can express his creativity in providing changes that are more appropriate to the present.

Sinestro Corps War

For a long time, WB and DC Film have always tried to present the Green Lantern character on the big screen. In 2011, the first Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds was released. Unfortunately, this project failed and the film did not sell well in the market. Since then, their efforts to bring back the Green Lantern character have always failed.

James Gunn can still use the idea to present the character in his cinematic universe. And if that really happens, he can present one of the epic stories from the Green Lanterns, namely the Sinestro Corps War. As the name implies, this story presents a group that is the rival of the Green Lantern Corps, namely the Sinestro Corps. The storyline focuses on the peak battle of the two groups.

Apart from showing the efforts of the Green Lantern Corps to destroy Sinestro Corps, this Sinestro Corps War Saga could also be a way for the Green Lanterns franchise to emerge in the Gunn cinematic universe. They can introduce various epic characters such as Parallax, Anti-Monitor, Superboy-Prime, or Cyborg Superman.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Adapted from stories in video games, the Injustice series is one of the most popular storylines among fans. This saga tells the story of a universe or world where Superman turns into an evil and terrible figure. He seeks to dominate and destroy the earth and everything in it. This Clark did after the Joker killed his wife and future child.

Joker manages to manipulate Clark’s mind by using hallucination gas. Clark thought that the figure in front of him was Lex Luthor. Even though, in reality it wasn’t Lex but Lois Lane. As a result of this, Superman kills Lois and the baby in her womb. Superman was furious and he then killed the Joker. On the other hand, this incident made Superman get out of control and become a terrible ruler.

Great Darkness Saga

Zack Snyder actually has plans to introduce the main villain that much has been waiting for, Darkseid. This he did in the movie Justice League. Unfortunately, WB decided not to use this idea and prefer to present Steppenwolf in its theatrical version. Darkseid himself finally appears in the Snyder Cut version.

Even so, as geeks know, the Snyder Cut is not a canon DCEU story. Apart from that, it seems Gunn can still use the idea to present Darkseid in the cinematic universe he built and adapt the Great Darkness Saga story. This is one of the old stories in DC Comics, which shows Darkseid going to the 31st century. He then collects all the villains in that era, and returns to the 20th century. This storyline is one of the stories that determines the story of the next DC Comics.

Final Crisis

Apart from the Great Darkness Saga, another Saga storyline that James Gunn can present is Final Crisis. In this Saga, Darkseid is also shown to be the main villain character. And what’s interesting is that previously Zack Snyder himself already had plans to adapt this storyline after Darkseid’s appearance in Justice League as the highlight of the Snyderverse story.

Final Crisis itself is a continuation storyline from Countdown to Final Crisis, and is considered the most complex storyline in DC Comics. The story itself opens with Darkseid and Orion who died as a result of the battle between New Genesis and Apokolips. Darkseid himself was later reborn as a human in the form of Dan Turpin, a police detective.

Darkseid’s death turned out to have a major influence on reality in the DC universe. Earth was then the center of the multiverse. This storyline could be an entry point for various cosmic characters in DC Comics such as The Spectre. So far, DC hasn’t presented a cosmic storyline, even though Justice League can be considered a starting point. However, in Gunn’s hands, cosmic stories can be presented as epic as the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy.

Crisis On Infinite Earths

This is one of the most popular stories or Saga of all time from DC Comics. This saga revolves around the DC multiverse which is under threat of destruction due to the actions of the Anti-Monitor. The heroes finally unite and make various efforts to save the multiverse from destruction. In this storyline, we are shown the death of Supergirl and Barry Allen.

Both died after trying to prevent the destruction of the multiverse from happening. In fact, the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline was already adapted in the Arrowverse in 2019. However, as mentioned above, with the Snyderverse now defunct it means that James Gunn could very well bring his storyline back. Of course with different versions and details.

Kingdom Come

Still considered the best Saga in DC Comics, Kingdom Come definitely needs to be on this list. In the future, the DC universe turns into a terrible world. The boundaries between heroes and villains are no longer visible, as a new generation of heroes resort to violence to deal with these problems. And mankind is also trapped in a great war.

Superman himself is said to have retired a long time ago, and decided to isolate himself. However, seeing the chaotic world made Superman finally reappear. He also decided to show a new generation of heroes how to be a real hero. The fans themselves have been waiting for WB and DC Film for a long time to present this Saga. And James Gunn just might make it happen.

The new cinematic universe built by James Gunn is definitely going to be something different from the Snyderverse. This can be seen from the various plans that have been executed by the production house. With the construction of a new cinematic universe, it provides an opportunity to adapt the epic stories that exist in DC Comics and some of the names above are examples.