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This Is Marvel's First Character To Discover The Multiverse!

The Multiverse is a fictional concept that is currently popular among Marvel fans. This is because the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe saga entitled Multiverse Saga has introduced this concept by bringing out alternative universes and variant characters in them. Which ultimately makes the Marvel Multiverse more widely known by fans around the world, including in Indonesia.

However, do you know when Marvel first introduced this big concept? What’s more, who is the first lucky character to successfully explore the Marvel Multiverse? To answer that we have to go back to the 60s, where the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four became the first character in the history of the Marvel Universe to teleport to an alternate universe other than Earth-616. Curious as to what the story is like? Let’s get straight to the point, geeks!

Human Torch, First Explorer of the Multiverse

The big multiverse concept was first built by Marvel Comics around the 60s to 70s. The fictional story itself starts from the comic Strange Tales #103 by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby which was first released in 1962. Where in this comic it is told that Johnny Storm aka Human Torch became the first character in Marvel history to teleport to an alternative universe, Earth-6212. It all started when the leader of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic discovers a suspicious interdimensional passage.

Mr. Fantastic then sent the Human Torch to that dimension to conduct further investigations. Arriving at the opposite dimension, which is none other than Earth-6212, how shocked Human Torch was after seeing that the dimension was the same as the world in general. The difference is that civilization on Earth-6212 looks more advanced and sophisticated than Earth on Earth-616. No sooner had he set foot on Earth-6212 than Human Torch knew he was in an alternate universe that is now part of a larger multiverse.

Meanwhile, the inter-dimensional pathway that appears on Earth-616 turns out to be the creation of Earth-6212’s dictator named Zemu who wants to invade other worlds. Long story short, Zemu knew where the Human Torch was and immediately caught him. However, in the process he manages to escape with the help of a woman from Earth-6212 named Valeria. Together with him, he then helped the local residents to overthrow Zemu’s rule until it succeeded. Since then, the leadership of Earth-6212 has been continued by Phineas, Valeria’s father, while Human Torch has returned to his world.

Dating Multiverse Characters

After the Human Torch made its first multiverse exploration in the early ’60s, there’s actually been a lot more Marvel stories involving alternate universes and time travel. For example comics Fantastic Four #19 (1963) which tells the story of the Fantastic Four’s fight against Rama-Tut, the time-traveling villain now known as Kang the Conqueror. Meanwhile, Earth-6212 was only retold in 1972 through comics Fantastic Four #160-163. Where again is Human Torch going to this alternate universe to date Marvel Multiverse character, Valeria.

Unfortunately, the beautiful moment of Human Torch and Valeria had to be interrupted because it turned out that Earth-6212 was once again controlled by bad people, namely Arkon and DeVoor. The Fantastic Four, who knew about this, decided to stop all conflicts, which turned out to have involved Earth-616 and another alternative universe, Earth-712. Teamwork between the Fantastic Four from Earth-616 and their variant from Earth-712 managed to defeat Arkon and DeVoor. For the umpteenth time, in the end Earth-6212 can be saved again, as well as Human Torch’s love affair.

Impact of Human Torch Exploration

As Marvel’s first character to explore the multiverse, of course, there are a lot of impacts resulting from Human Torch’s iconic adventure. Starting from the smallest things like changing the name of Earth-6212 to ‘Fifth Dimension’ on Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006). Then the mention of the ‘multiverse’ in the comics What If…? #1 (1977) and Marvel Two-in-One #50 (1979). Until the endorsement of the name ‘Earth-616’ in the comics The Daredevils #7 (1983). If Human Torch had refused his mission from the start, perhaps none of this would have happened until now.

That’s the discussion about Marvel’s first character to explore the multiverse, which turns out to be none other than the popular character Human Torch. Armed with this knowledge, at least we can find out how big the role of the Human Torch and Fantastic Four are in Marvel Comics. Considering that currently Marvel Studios is developing a film live-action Fantastic Four in the MCU, it looks like it would be very interesting if the film, which will be released on February 14, 2025, again depicts the big role of the Human Torch in the Multiverse Saga. Let’s just wait for the surprise, geeks.