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Know the 5 Most Popular Android Cashier Apps!

Know the 5 Most Popular Android Cashier Apps!

For young entrepreneurs who are technology literate, of course, they can download the Android cashier application as a media assistant. Especially in managing and developing a business in the millennial era like today. See, the following is a list of applications that can be applied, namely:

1. POS Qasir

Want to be able to manage your business easily and effectively from anywhere? Now users can download the Android cashier application called Qasir at this time via smartphone. It is an application that is highly recommended for various businesses such as cafes, barbershops, restaurants and others.

The interesting thing about this application is that it can check stock or product availability. Another advantage that can be received is that users do not need to pay additional fees to subscribe. Because this application can be used for free by anyone.

DeveloperPT Solusi Niaga Technology
OSAndroid 4.2
Size16 MB

Download the POS Cashier application here.

2. Pawoon: Online Cashier/POS

Furthermore, the application that can be used is Pawoon: Online Cashier/POS which can be downloaded easily. This application has various management features that make it easier for users to manage their business. Making it the most recommended application choice.

InformationPawoon: Online Cashier/POS
OSAndroid 5.0
Size29 MB

Every cashier application certainly has various advantages, as well as the Pawoon application: Online Cashier/POS. This application provides a free mode for 14 days for consideration. Not only that, it can also be used offline and online. Download the application here.

3. Portable Store Cashier

Want to have the most complete, easy and practical cashier application? Users can download the Portable Store Cashier application easily via smartphone. It allows management and business development to be more easily monitored from anywhere.

This application also has various advantages which are certainly very beneficial for users. Because users can use the application for free. Not to mention the completeness of the features contained in it, making anyone will like the choice of features.

InformationPortable Store Cashier
OS4.0.3 and above
Size23 MB

Download the Portable Store Cashier application here.

4. Moka POS

The next cashier application that is identical to the blue color is Moka POS. It is included in a popular application and is quite widely used by most users in managing their business. Making it the most preferred application because it is easy to apply.

InformationMoka POS
DeveloperMoka Technology Indonesia
OSAndroid 4.1
Size34 MB

Included in the application that can monitor transactions directly at any time. Allows every user to feel the ease when managing their business. Interestingly, this one application is also compatible when connected to other devices. Download the application here.

5. Loyverse

Finally, the next application that can make the user’s work more effective and efficient can use Loyverse. The usefulness of this one application can help to manage loyalty programs, discounts and more. More complete users can use the employee management feature.

Almost the same as other applications, this application also has various advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of this application is that it can be used offline and free. The full range of features is also an advantage of the application.

OSAndroid 4.2
Size11 MB

Download the Loyverse application here.

That’s a series of descriptions related to the cashier application that users can download on Facebook smartphone. Now users can directly download Android cashier application quickly and easily. Make sure to choose an application that suits your business needs.