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Find out the Cheapest Hotel Booking Applications!

Find out the Cheapest Hotel Booking Applications!

Now hotel reservations can be done easily using smartphone just. Because current users can download hotel booking application easily anywhere without being bound by time. For more information, see the following explanation regarding the hotel messaging application, namely:

1. Agoda

Confused about how to get a hotel room? Now users can download the Agoda hotel booking application, simply via smartphone just. This is especially true for users who frequently travel to various Asian countries.

Number of Users10 million more
Download LinkDownload here

Based on the table above, the application has a storage size that is not too large, so it can be downloaded on various smartphones. There are more than 10 million users who have downloaded the application. Making it the most needed application by most people.


Furthermore, users can download the hotel message application via only via smartphones. Not only that, it is known to have a reputation in the field of good management, making this application much in demand. Not to mention the benefits of TIX Points.
OSAndroid 4.3
Size39 MB
Number of Users10 million users
Download LinkDownload here

Based on the information from the table above, it can be seen that the application is one of the most downloaded applications, how can you not? There are already more than 10 million users who use the application. This is because the use of the application is easy to implement.

3. Traveloka

Furthermore, the application that can make it easier for users to get hotel rooms is Traveloka. The iconic application in blue is one of the applications that offers cheap hotel tickets. Moreover, countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and others.

OSAndroid 4.1.1
Size35.40 MB
Evaluation4.8 out of 5 Google Play Points
Download LinkDownload here

If viewed based on the description related to the Traveloka application, it is an application that is in great demand by every user. This is also evidenced by its fairly high rating compared to its competitors. Because the rating obtained by Traveloka is 4.8 out of 5 Google Play points.


The next hotel booking application that can be tried is which provides the lowest prices to its users. Not only that, the advantages provided by this application can also be seen from more detailed features. Allows the completeness of the features in this application to the maximum.

Through the filter feature, users can choose hotels according to the funds they have. Allows the display of hotels with the desired price to be displayed immediately. Making hotel reservations much faster and easier for sure.
OSAndroid 6.0
Size30 MB
Number of Users100 million more
Download LinkDownload here

5. Pegipegi

Finally, the identical orange application, namely pegipegi, can be an alternative ticket booking application. Not only that, this application is also very pampering its users by giving discounts. The amount of discounts that are often given is up to 30 percent.

OSAndroid 5.0
Size11 MB
Download LinkDownload here

Based on the description table above, it can be concluded that this application is a very light application, why? With only 11 MB of storage, Pegipegi can already be installed on the Internet smartphones. Allows storage smartphone not full quickly.

Those are some lists of hotel booking applications that can be done easily only through smartphones. Now enough users download hotel booking application from anywhere quickly and easily. Also make sure to choose an application that is easy to understand.