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How to Overcome a Bad Signal Suddenly

How to Overcome a Bad Signal Suddenly

How to Overcome a Sudden Bad Signal – Smartphones need a signal to make it easier to use it to communicate with other users. A bad signal that occurs suddenly without the user knowing this can be annoying as well as confused. Don’t worry because there are ways to deal with bad signals that occur suddenly to return to normal.

If a bad signal occurs suddenly there may be a factor that triggers it to happen. Like a user changing position or visiting an area that is far from the tower. There are many other influences that make the signal on a smartphone bad. Just check how to deal with bad signals that occur suddenly, here:

1. Activate Airplane Mode

The thing that can be done by Smartfren users is to activate the mode airplane when the signal is not good. This method can make it easier for users to produce bad signals back to normal. Usually this mode is in the notification panel at the top so it can be set when needed.

Doing this method is also the same as restarting the Smartphone to fix the signal. After enabling it to contact other users, you can disable this mode to connect to the tower.

2. Turn on One SIM

Now smartphones can be used with two different or the same sim cards according to the user’s wishes. If the user fills both SIMs with the same card it can affect the signal speed. For this reason, it is recommended that users disable one of the sims that are not being used.

This also applies to different SIM cards to get enough signal from each other. Users can swap SIM card usage until the signal returns to normal for the 2 providers.

3. Place the Smartphone in a Location with Lots of Signals

Furthermore, there is a way to overcome bad signals, namely by moving positions in places that have a lot of signals. This usually happens suddenly when someone enters an area far from towers and enclosed places. If someone is in an area that cannot be accessed by the provider, it will be difficult to receive a signal.

Try another provider on the sim card to get a signal on one of the cards inserted in the smartphone. Users can also leave the room that closes access so that the signal returns to normal.

4. Restart HP

Restarting the smartphone can affect a poor signal suddenly to return to normal. If you have activated the mode airplane but still does not affect the signal performance to a better one so you can restart the cellphone. There may be influence or damage to the smartphone that hinders signal entry.

Doing so is very easy, namely by deactivating the smartphone and turning it back on. Usually this method is effective and can return a bad signal and fix an application or storage error.

5. Change to another provider

The last step that can be done by the user is to change to another provider. If the above method does not apply and also continues to experience a bad signal, the user area is less supportive for the provider. Changing to another provider is highly recommended provided in the area so that it can be used to communicate smoothly.

In Indonesia, many providers have been provided with various criteria and offers. Users can choose a fast provider in the area where the user lives. The far reach of the tower can also affect the provider and need to replace it.

Those are some ways to deal with bad signals that occur suddenly to return to normal. A bad signal severely hinders a person from communicating with other users. There are many causes that can make the signal bad but can be overcome by the above method.