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6 Ways to Overcome Facebook Lite that Can't be Opened on Android

How to solve Facebook Lite that can't be opened on Android

How to solve Facebook Lite that can’t be opened on Android – For Facebook users, you must be familiar with the Facebook Lite application which is a light version of the standard Facebook. Even though it is lighter, it turns out that there are still obstacles when accessing it. Here are eight ways to solve Facebook Lite that can’t be opened on cell phone. Hopefully this article is quite helpful, yes.

1. Using the Latest Version

Regularly making sure that the application is the latest version is a way to solve Facebook Lite which cannot be opened in the first version. Make sure first that Lite is obtained from playstore, yes. The trick is to go to playstore, then search ‘Lite’. Finally click the button Updates and automatically updated again.

2. Do Clear Cache

To do clear cache is something that can be done next if you are still experiencing problems even though you have updates new version. Please enter the menu settings then click ‘application management’ or ‘application’ -> search Lite then open -> select clear cache.

3. Do Reinstall

If you’ve used both methods but still can’t open it, then do reinstall is the right thing to do. It’s a little impractical because you have to delete and then in-install return. However, this is effectively done as a way to deal with FB Lite which cannot be opened.

4. Reducing RAM Load on Phone

Overcapacity can be the cause of some applications not opening. This can happen when mobile users download photos, videos, and others that are no longer used but are left alone. The way to solve Facebook Lite that can’t be opened can be to start deleting various applications, photos, and videos that are no longer needed.

5. Scanning Virus Periodically

The thing to note when there is a problem that cannot be opened is to check whether the smartphone infected with the virus or not. Therefore, it’s good to do virus scan use anti-virus thoroughly so that smartphone protected or clean from viruses. This can help the performance of the phone. than possible slow be fast.

6. Do Restart

The common thing for some people to do is torestart reset each other’s cell phones. The trick is to press the ‘power’ button on each one smartphone a bit long. Allow a few moments the phone is off. After that, reactivate the phone and check if the Lite can be used again.

7. Activate Airplane Mode First

Still can’t? Augustbe by activating airplane mode can be a way to solve Facebook Lite that can’t be opened. Airplane mode usually activated when someone is in the plane. But by doing this it can increase the strength of the signal network. From the previous one, it was weak, causing problems to open the application.

8. Changing APN

way out The last thing you can do is check the signal and change the APN. There are times when you are in an area, the signal is suddenly weak. This can be the cause of FB Lite cannot be opened. Changing the APN that is being used is the way to go. Check which APNs can be used according to their respective places.

Those are eight ways to solve Facebook Lite that can’t be opened. These methods are quite easy to do and practice yourself at home. Take care of your phone as best you can so you don’t quickly experience various obstacles. The way that can be done is by deleting the application or files which is not used and diligent to do virus scan. Good luck!