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6 Ways to Overcome Mobile Legends Lag on Android

6 Ways to Overcome Mobile Legends Lag on Android

How to Overcome Mobile Legends Lag on Android – Often play mobile legends but experience problems such as lag? It’s really annoying if mobile legends often lag because it can result in defeat. Then, how to overcome the mobile legends lag so that it runs smoothly when played? The following article will review the solutions to the following problems. After applying the following solutions, mobile legends will not experience lag.

What actually caused the problem to occur. There are various factors that cause lag in mobile legends. Among them are difficult to find the network or the amount of garbage in the game. In addition, also because the server is down, android memory is low, playing while charging the device and others. Here’s how to fix the lag that occurs in mobile legends:

1. Clearing Cache Buildup

It is undeniable if the garbage in the application often slows down the application system itself, especially the cache. How to clear cache that has accumulated in mobile legends? It’s very easy. For android, go to settings then click “application management” select mobile legends and click on “memory usage”. After that select “clear cache”.

2. Updating Mobile Legends Game

The way to overcome the second mobile legends lag is to update this game. Many are reluctant to update mobile legends even though updating mobile legends will increase the fluency when playing. In addition, it will also reduce bugs in the application, there may be new features, and so on.

How to update mobile legends? First, open the play store, type “mobile legends” and click “search”. Don’t update immediately, it’s better to first read the reviews listed so you know the impact you get after updating. If there are many positive comments, immediately update mobile legends so that they can immediately deal with lag in the application.

3. Make sure the Internet Network is Smooth

A stable network is the main factor for the smooth running of this game. Make sure the phone network is 4G or better using wifi. Especially if the wifi is not shared, it is certain that mobile legends will not experience lag. If the user does not use wifi and is in the countryside, make sure the place can reach the signal according to the provider.

4. Avoid Playing Mobile Legends When Charging

This fourth step is highly recommended. When playing, you should avoid charging your cellphone because it can increase the temperature of the device. The increase in temperature will certainly weaken the performance of the cellphone so that mobile legends can also experience lag. If the battery runs out, you should stop playing and charge the device immediately.

5. Uninstall Other Apps

One way to overcome mobile legends lag is by uninstalling other applications. This needs to be done when the storage is full. By uninstalling other applications, data and trash will also be deleted so that it can facilitate the mobile legend game. If you are bored, the mobile legend application can be uninstalled and other applications can be reinstalled.

6. Using the One Booster App

The last step is to use the one booster application. What are the benefits? This application is useful for cleaning garbage, cooling down the temperature of the phone, being able to extend the battery and others. With this application can summarize several activities. Simple and easy right? This one booster has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

Those are six ways to overcome mobile legends lag that you need to know gamers. With the above reviews are expected to make it easier to play. But don’t often play mobile legends because it can interfere with the performance of the cellphone itself and is also not good for eye health. August be useful.