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How to View Phone Contacts on Facebook Easily Without Hassle

How to View Phone Contacts on Facebook Easily

How to Easily View Phone Contacts on Facebook – How to view phone contacts on Facebook? This kind of question is often heard by most people. In fact, to see the contacts of friends who are registered on Facebook Messenger tends to be easy. Messenger is one of many Facebook features that make it easy for users to send messages to each other.

Finding Phone Contacts Through Facebook Settings

The features available on Facebook are quite complete and can be used for free. Through this feature, users can actually see other users’ contacts. For more details, here are the steps to access to find out the contact numbers of friends on Facebook, namely:

1. Install Facebook and Login

The first step of course is to download the official Facebook application. Gadget friends can download it for free through the Play Store media. You don’t need big storage to download this app. Especially when registering also only requires a gmail account or phone number.

2. Facebook Login

When the download is complete, login to the application. Usually after registering there will be a notification notification via email. Just follow the directions given and then enter the application with the address or cellphone number that was registered earlier.

3. Go to Settings

Next for how to view phone contacts on Facebook is to go to the settings option. Users can look for the “three dots” option which is usually on the homepage. Then click the button and a large selection of options will appear. Scroll screen all the way to the bottom and find the “Settings” option.

After pressing the setting option, the user will be presented with many steps of choice. At this stage look for the “Imported Contacts” option, then click it. That way the system will display the contact number system of friends who are registered on Facebook.

Knowing Facebook Contacts Using App Help

How to view phone contacts on Facebook can be done using the help of additional applications such as Greasemonkey Addons. This application can be downloaded via Google. For more explanation see step by step the following:

1. Download Greasemonkey Addons App

First, the user must download it on the Google Play Store. If you have trouble, you can directly access the application via this link, and then install it.

It is important to make sure that the application is “Enabled”. If it is not in an active position, the user can activate it via icon which is in the right corner, then tick the “Enable” button.

2. Open the Userscript Link

The next step on how to view phone contacts on Facebook is by opening the link at Then click or press “Install”. Observe the link properly and complete the installation process.

3. Login or Login Facebook

If the link as stated in point no. 2 has been installed. Users only need log in on an active Facebook account. Then in column address in bar Facebook please paste the link is At this stage the user will see a complete photo display from Facebook friends accompanied by the personal contact number used.

In addition, the addresses of those Facebook users or friends will also be included. So friends, gadgets only need to do filter to search or find the identity of the account you want to search. Please note that this method can only be used to find out the identity of Facebook users who have become friends.

Thus a review of how to see phone contacts on Facebook that can answer the confusion of gadget friends at home. The way that has been displayed can be adjusted to the wishes of the user. This is because the final result given by these methods is also the same.