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Why Pre-employment Incentive Money Failed to Disburse? This is the cause

Failed Pre-employment Incentive Money

Why did the pre-employment incentive money fail to disburse? Surely that is the question of some people who took part in the pre-employment program that should have received it on 12 September, well because we will explain more clearly what are the causes.

As we know that pre-employment is a government program that is given to the community to get an incentive fund of 600 thousand every month. So far it has been running until wave 8 and wave 9 will be opened soon.

Of course this is very helpful for the unemployed, especially to study business at home. There are even some inspirational stories that have succeeded in cultivating freshwater crayfish with funding from pre-employment incentives.

However, we will not discuss this in depth, this time we will answer the question of why the pre-employment incentive money failed to disburse. There are several reasons for this, and please see below.

Why Pre-Employment Incentive Money Fails?

First: The reason why pre-employment incentives fail is because you haven’t upgraded your E-Wallet such as Gopay, LinkAja and OVO. However, if you feel that you have upgraded, make sure the data that has been entered into the Pre-cooperation is the same as that in the E-Wallet.

For how to upgrade yourself, if you are confused, you can use the keywords below:

Second: The incentive fund failed to be disbursed because of the pre-employment system itself. Actually, this problem has often happened to past wave participants, where for the disbursement process users get failed notifications on their dashboard. But after a few minutes, then the incentives turned out to be liquid.

Third: Account or E-Wallet used in the name of another person. If you enter someone else’s account number or in someone else’s name, immediately replace it with your own.

Fourth: You have not given a rating on the Training Institute. When you’ve finished training, try to rate it afterwards. For example, if you use the Tokopedia platform, the rating that must be given can be twice.

Fifth: Participants did not follow the procedures for the training and pre-employment stages correctly.

Sixth: Change the method of disbursement of incentive funds exactly 3-7 days before the schedule for the disbursement of incentives. Try not to change anything in your E-Wallet, if within three or 7 days after the e-wallet will be processed.

Seventh: If it coincides with the weekend. If it is felt that all the problems above have been resolved, the last possibility for the pre-employment incentive money will fail because it coincides with Saturday and Sunday. Participants must patiently wait until Monday.

Some of the problems above could be the reason why pre-employment incentives fail. This is the result of the experience of pre-employment participants who have graduated in the previous wave, when they find out that this is the reason they finally try to make changes to their pre-employment accounts.