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Is Brainly Blocked, Why? This is the explanation

Brainly Blocked

Recently, news suddenly circulated that the Brainly site was blocked by the government, why? Is it true or is this just a hoax? We will explain in this article, so please read on until the end.

In the midst of a pandemic like today where an online system or what is commonly called learning from home, allows students to study on the internet and look for answers on the internet as well.

There are many educational sites that can be used as a reference in online learning, one of which is Brainly. Surely many of you, especially those who are still students, often come across this site when looking for answers on the internet about education.

All types of lessons are available from Mathematics, Indonesian, PPKN, Social Studies, Biology, Physics, History to practice questions for SBMPTN and National Examinations. Because all the materials are complete so that it becomes crowded with visitors every day.

What’s interesting about brainly is that we users can register on the site to ask questions about what we are confused about in a lesson.

Ask on brainly

The answers given are also quite fast and 80% can help those who ask. On average it only takes about 10 minutes from when we ask a question.

Is Brainly Blocked?

An unpleasant news circulated saying that the government had blocked Brainly, it immediately attracted a lot of attention considering that Brainly is one of the largest educational sites in Indonesia.

So, is it true that brainly is blocked, then what is the reason? BRAINLY UNBLOCKED. The news is not true or what is commonly called Hoax or fake news, the proof is that until this article was written I was still able to access the site from an Indonesian IP and did not use a VPN.

Why is Brainly Blocked?

If you’ve recently found it hard to access Brainly or it’s slow, don’t immediately assume that the site is blocked. It could be from the internet connection that we use or indeed the brainly error server that is down due to being flooded with traffic.

If the server has a problem, usually wait a few minutes or it can be up to 24 hours before it can return to normal. But if the problem is from the internet that we use, it is worth checking first from the APN settings to the network conditions.

Will Brainly Be Blocked?

As explained by Kominfo, that they block the site for reasons of the content it contains. They don’t see who owns the site and is managed by whom, if it contains infringing or harmful content, the Communications and Informatics will still block it.

So the answer to the question whether Brainly will be blocked, but if at any time there is violating content on the site, then the Communications and Information Technology will strictly block it. But so far there is no negative content found in it, in fact there is a lot of positive content that we can learn.

Even if Brainly wants to be blocked, this will of course be given a warning in advance from Kominfo to Brainly to deal with the violating content in it, and remove the violating content from internet searches.

Sites Other Than Brainly

If one day Brainly will be blocked by the government, you don’t need to worry because there are still many educational sites that can be our reference for learning.

Here’s a list of sites besides brainly:


Of course, each of the above sites has its own advantages and disadvantages, especially in terms of the completeness of the lessons and also the discussion in them. If you want to get a good course, we suggest that Ruangguru is the best choice.

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So the news about Brainly being blocked is fake news or a hoax, it’s not true. Even if for a while you experience problems when accessing the site, it can happen because the network or brainly server has a problem which results in an error.