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Global Mall Apk, Money Making App or Scam?

Global Mall Apk

Download the latest version of Global Mall Apk which claims to be a money-making application with a free balance of 300 thousand after registering. More or less that was my first impression when I tried this application, and see the full review by reading this article to the end.

When it comes to money, surely all of us are always excited to talk about it. Especially in difficult times like today, with the re-enactment of the second PSBB, of course, the lower class people are worried about their income, which may find it very difficult to meet their daily needs.

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And moments like this are always used by several parties whether it’s really to give free money, or even use it to get their own money.

There is an application called Global Mall Apk where the application is rumored to be able to provide additional income for its members. Just like the Alimama Apk, we should first study the system used so that it doesn’t become a fraudulent investment that ultimately disappears in vain.

What is Global Mall Apk?

According to sources we read on the internet, Global Mall Apk is a money-making application in the form of a Marketplace. In this application, the user will be given several tasks that must be completed to get the bonus, and if the mission has been done we will be given a commission in the form of money.

The system, of course, is almost the same as Alimama and JD Union which we discussed some time ago, here we will be given tasks in the form of online shopping, the more we shop, the bigger the commission we will get.

How the Global Mall App Works

The way Global Mall works is quite easy to do, we only need to complete the mission given in the application, after that we will get a reward for the work that has been completed.

Generally, they are only told to shop at several familiar marketplaces such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Lazada and Blibli. To see it, you can scroll down in the application.

Download Global Mall Apk

Global Mall was uploaded to the Play Store, but I don’t know for what reason this application was deleted there. But you don’t need to worry because you can still download it via the official link from the site.

If it has been downloaded, please install it. Before that, make sure you have enabled unknown sources so that you can install applications from outside the Play Store. These settings can be found in Arrangement > Security > Tick Unknown source.

How to Register Global Mall

How to Register Global Mall

Here’s a guide on how to register for Global Mall:

  1. Download the Global Mall Apk application.
  2. Fill in the fields such as name, cellphone number, password and referral code.
  3. For referral code, just fill it with 6STMEH.
  4. Now press Register.

No need to confirm, in fact even if we enter the wrong cellphone number we can still register. There is something strange? Because usually most applications after filling out the registration form, must confirm either via SMS or Email.

How to Use the Global Mall App

How to Use the Global Mall App

When you first register, you will get a balance embedded in your account of 300 thousand (but unfortunately you can’t cash it out, if you can, it’s good). Here’s how to use Global Mall:

  1. Open the Global Mall app.
  2. Login with the account that has been created.
  3. Scroll down to Hall task.
  4. There are several marketplace options, choose one.
  5. And do the tasks that have been given.
  6. Generally will be told to shop.
  7. When the order has been processed, you will get a commission.

Don’t try to post it first, please use the existing balance and prove for yourself whether it’s really paying and the money can be withdrawn to our account later.

Is Global Mall a Scam?

So far, we have not received any further information regarding the Global Mall application whether it is fraudulent or not. Because from the site there is also no information that you can check, because if we open the website there is no information such as about, office location, let alone officially registered with OJK, THERE ISN’T ANY!

We found several irregularities where the domain was just registered on September 6, 2022, which means that until this article was published the domain was still 7 days or a week old. domain age

Another oddity is in the application that has just been published to the Play Store, it is questionable even though it is only a few days old but why was it immediately banned from the play store? Of course this can be caused by an application that violates the community guidelines of the play store itself.

Try it for sure, here’s the Money-Making Application on Android phones.

Tips from us for users, don’t be immediately tempted by the lure of free money if it’s still not proven. Not to mention the application where it is not clear where it came from, also with the owner who made it, no one knows.

Don’t let you make a deposit if you don’t want to regret it in the future, it’s better to find out first about the Global Mall Apk application, both on blogs and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.