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The Most Efficient and Fastest Way to Buy Lion Air Baggage

The Most Efficient and Fastest Way to Buy Lion Air Baggage

In the past, Lion Air gave free baggage to its passengers weighing 20 kg in economy class. But since 2022, the regulations have changed, passengers must buy their own baggage and it is purchased at least 6 hours before departure (for payment via AM) and 24 hours before departure (for payment via credit card). If the payment is more than that time, the passenger must pay it directly at the airport. But the price is more expensive.

How to buy Lion Air baggage is very easy, not much different from buying tickets, and he said it is more economical to buy Lion Air baggage online than offline.

Is it OK to Buy Lion Air Baggage at the Airport?

Can. You can buy it directly at the airport, but it’s more expensive. This purchase can be made at the same time as the ticket purchase.

Baggage purchases can be made through a travel agent partner or Lion Air office.

Passengers can actually get a free baggage allowance with a 7 kg cabin, but that will not be enough if you carry a lot of luggage.

It will be more economical if you buy luggage online through official Lion Air and E-commerce sites such as Traveloka, or Airy Rooms. Here’s how to buy Lion Air baggage online to get a cheaper price than buying it directly at the airport.

How to Buy Lion Air Baggage Online

How to Buy Lion Air Baggage Through the Lion Air Official Site

Purchases must be made 6 hours before departure. This type of prepaid baggage purchase is guaranteed to be cheaper than you pay for baggage after a flight made at the airport.

Here’s how:

  • Open the official Lion Air website which is located at
  • The site can be opened via a smartphone or laptop
  • Fill in the online form shown on the screen
  • After you fill it in according to your order, then fill in the ‘Booking Code (PNR)’ according to the plane ticket that we have purchased
  • Fill in your first and last name
  • Continue by entering the Flight Number and Flight Date listed on the ticket you have purchased
  • Click continue and continue by paying off the existing payment

How to Buy Lion Air Baggage Through the Traveloka Site

Traveloka also provides baggage selling services for various types of flights, one of which is Lion Air. While ordering a plane ticket, you can also directly purchase airplane baggage on this site.

Here’s how:

  • Open Traveloka at the following address
  • Sign in if you already have an account, or register if you don’t have one
  • On the Traveloka page, start searching for airline tickets through the ‘Find Tickets’ menu
  • Find a suitable flight, then proceed with filling in passenger data
  • In the ‘Baggage Capacity’ section, fill in according to your needs
  • Proceed to the payment menu, select the payment method you want
  • After successful payment, your E-ticket will be issued. On the E-ticket, you can check the details of the baggage you have purchased

The tutorial is still not finished, you can also increase the baggage allowance if you feel that the baggage you ordered is not enough.

It’s easy, you don’t need to book a ticket again to order additional baggage, just do the method below:

  • Open your E-ticket and click on ‘Extra Baggage’ option
  • Apart from e-tickets, you can also add additional baggage in the ‘Airplane Ticket’ menu on the Traveloka main page
  • Select luggage capacity
  • Continue
  • Choose a payment method, pay off the payment
  • After the payment is confirmed, the luggage capacity on your E-ticket will also change according to the order

The above is how to buy Lion Air baggage via online through the official Lion Air and Traveloka websites.

For the price of each baggage capacity also varies, if you want to see the data, the following is the price of Lion Air baggage.

Lion Air Baggage Prices

Lion Air baggage prices are determined by the weight and duration of the flight. The price of pre-paid baggage for a weight of 1 kg with a duration of less than 1 hour is IDR 17,000.

Likewise with its multiples. Just multiply the weight and duration of your flight.

Meanwhile, for a duration of 2 hours, the price is IDR 36,000 per 1 kg.

This price is cheaper than the price at the airport. So that’s how to buy Lion Air baggage in a more efficient way via online.