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Slow cellphone even though there are few applications? Here's 7 Ways to Overcome

Slow HP even though there are few applications? Here’s 7 Ways To Overcome It So It’s Not Slow Again – Have you ever had Android suddenly slow down even though there were only a few apps? Well, actually this level of slowness does not depend on the number of applications, but the storage capacity.

Slow cellphone even though there are few applications?

Even though there are few applications, if the memory required is large, it will take up RAM, ROM or other storage media.

Well, for those of you who experience a slow cellphone even though there are few applications, here are 7 ways to deal with it.

How to Overcome a Slow HP Even though there are Few Applications

1. Not Enable Automatic System Update

One powerful way to overcome a slow cellphone even though the application is installed a little is by disabling the system update automatically.

System updates do make our systems or applications more updated with the latest services, but they will consume a lot of RAM or other memory.

When experiencing an update, the old data memory will not be replaced, instead it will increase by downloading the latest version of the application.

2. Uninstall the application and its data

One of the mistakes that Android users often make and the cause of a slow cellphone is to delete applications by simply uninstalling them. Though, this method will leave all the junk files in it.

Therefore, before deleting (uninstalling) the application, make sure to always clear data or clear cache to free up all memory used so far.

3. Cleaning Junk Files Regularly

Another way to deal with excessive memory usage that affects the slowness of the cellphone is to clean junk files regularly.

You can easily use the help of the app, but it usually doesn’t cover the whole thing for example image thumbnails or images/videos sent via whatsapp.

So, occasionally clean it thoroughly by opening each application in the application settings menu.

4. Uninstalling Unnecessary Apps

Advances in technology have given rise to various applications to fulfill daily needs such as mobile banking, BPJS, e-commerce and many more. So, so that the cellphone is not slow, you should only install important applications that are really needed.

As long as the application can be accessed through a website such as an online shopping platform, you should not need to install it in the form of an application.

In addition, you should not need to save a lot of games because it will be very memory draining.

5. Using the Light Version of the Application

Installing a lot of applications is actually okay, but you still have to pay attention to the capacity of the device so it doesn’t slow down in the future.

To outsmart it, you can use a light application such as the lite or mini version. In addition, you should use a lightweight launcher too.

6. Not Using Custom ROM

The ROM of each cellphone is different depending on the developer. Usually, users often do custom ROMs to fulfill their wishes or improve the capabilities of the device.

Unfortunately, this activity actually has an impact on the slowness of Android if the system does not support it.

Therefore, we recommend that you use the existing ROM properly. Especially if the cellphone is only used for daily light activities.

7. Factory Reset

The way to deal with a slow cellphone even though there are few applications is to do a factory reset (factory reset). This method is usually a last resort if there are too many files or the application is not used.

Through a factory reset, Android will be returned to the factory default without any additional files, data or applications. The device will come back light with its best performance.

The thing to note is that you have to backup important data first.

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So, those were 7 ways to deal with a slow cellphone even though the application was small. Overused memory is usually characterized by frequent applications exiting itself while in use. May be useful.