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5 Speedometer Applications to Measure Motor Speed ​​RPM

Speedometer App to Measure Motor Speed ​​RPM

5 Speedometer Apps to Measure Motor RPM – The motor speedometer is broken? But still want a speed test? Or want to try a speed test while cycling? Don’t worry, now everything can be solved easily and cheaply through the speedometer application.

This application can be used to measure RPM when cycling or riding a motorcycle. In fact, each application also has many additional features that the original motor speedometer does not have.

Come on, take a look at the 5 speedometer applications to measure the following best motorbike RPMs.

Best Speedometer App

1. Ulysse Speedometer

Ulysse Speedometer is the best and most used Android RPM speed measurement tool application because it has full features.

Not only can measure movement speed accurately, this application also allows users to measure temperature and altitude.

Ulysse Speedometer

In fact, this application is also accompanied by a compass display on the screen to determine the direction of movement of the user.

In addition, other features displayed in this application are maximum speed, acceleration (racing meter) and track recorder. This application also has a speed limit warning feature in the form of an alarm or sound.

Interestingly, users can play music through the music controller facility.

2. DigiHUD Speedometer

If you want to have a speedometer application with a high-tech digital display, you can try the DigiHUD application. Interestingly, this application can be changed to normal or HUD mode.

DigiHUD Speedometer

HUD mode means that the speedometer display can be made to look like a mirror reflection on a vehicle glass. In fact, this application can also run on top of homesceen or other open applications.

Another feature of this application is that the user can select the display of the speed unit (MPH, KTS or KMH), maximum speed, average speed, odometer, battery level, time and compass.

In fact, this application also conveys the number of satellites used by GPS.

3. Speedometer HUD

Another HUD-based speedometer app is Speedometer HUD. This application will only display the speed of movement in kilometers per hour.

HUD Speedometer

In addition, users can also see the maximum speed and measure the altitude (altimeter). Another advantage of this application is that there are no ads. So, users can use it without interruption.

4. GPS Speedometer, Distance Meter

This GPS Speedometer Distance Meter application has 3 main features, namely movement speed measurement (walking, running, cycling or driving), speed limit warning and travel distance measurement.

GPS Speedometer, Distance Meter

For warning alarms, there is a choice of tones that can be changed according to the user’s wishes. It can even be replaced with a favorite song. For speed, you can use units of km/hour or miles per hour. As for the distance using units of kilometers and miles.

5. GPS Speedometer

Finally, to test driving speed, you can also use a GPS Speedometer. This application provides two views of the speedometer, namely analog and digital.

GPS Speedometer

This ad-free application also has full features, namely speed, compass, distance traveled, travel time, altitude, average speed to maximum speed.

In addition, it is also equipped with a speed limit warning alarm. One of the advantages of this application is that its appearance can be changed to a version of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Camaro, Lexus or Porsche.

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So, those were 5 speedometer applications to measure the best motorbike RPM to try. All of the above applications work using the GPS system. So, it can’t be run in offline mode.

Not only that, the use of this application is very influential on battery power. So, only use it when needed. Good luck.