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Easy Ways to Overcome Wifi Connected But Can't Internet on HP

Easy Ways to Overcome Wifi Connected But Can’t Internet on HP – Wifi is the best choice for smooth internet network. No wonder many people are willing to install wifi in their homes just for browsing satisfaction or other internet activities.

Unfortunately, when using a wifi network, there are often problems with wifi connecting but not being able to get internet on the cellphone.

Easy Ways to Overcome Wifi Connected But Can't Internet on HP

This is certainly very disturbing browsing activities. Especially if at the same time the Android internet quota runs out. Well, to solve this problem, let’s see the complete guide below.

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How to Overcome Wifi Connected But Can’t Internet on HP

1. Checking Network Condition

The condition of the internet network is an important factor in terms of internet. Even though you already use wifi but if the network conditions are bad then internet on your cellphone will also not be able to.

For that, first check the condition of the network around you whether it is bad or not.

2. Restart Device

In some cases, the problem with wifi connecting but not getting internet is because the system is lagging. This obstacle is usually due to excessive activity on the cellphone.

If this condition occurs, the way to overcome it is to turn off the device and turn it back on. Users can also just restart it.

This method is used to refresh all activities on Android including wifi.

3. Check Wifi Password

Usually, when a cellphone has been connected to a certain wifi, it will automatically connect automatically if you turn on wifi. However, if by chance the wifi password is changed, even though it is connected you still cannot surf the internet.

For that, when wifi is connected but can’t get internet on the cellphone, try checking the wifi password whether it is correct or not.

If indeed the password is changed, then disconnect the network first and to reconnect using the new password.

4. Disconnect Network

Another way that can be used to solve the problem of not being able to surf even though wifi is connected is by disconnecting the network.

  • The method is very easy, users only need to enter the Settings menu.
  • After that, select it and click Wifi. Next, click the name of the wifi network that is connected to your cellphone, complete information regarding the network will appear.
  • Then select it and click forget network.
  • Restart the device before connecting to the network again.

5. Check Device Date and Time Settings

Another cause of the problem of not being able to surf using wifi is because the date and time settings on the device do not match.

Usually, this problem will be marked by the appearance of a notification “Your Connection is not Secure“.

Your Connection is not Secure

To overcome this, it is very easy where users only need to set the date and time according to their location through the Date and Time Settings menu.

Generally, this problem is often experienced by those who do not install a SIM card in their device so they cannot update the time automatically.

6. Restart the router

If after using some of the methods above it still doesn’t work, you need to check the condition of the router. It could be that the problem lies not with the network or the phone, but with the router or modem.

Therefore, restart the modem or turn it off for 10-15 minutes and then turn it on again. In addition, it can also be done by resetting the modem and setting it up again from scratch.

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Well, those were some easy ways that you can choose to solve the problem of connecting wifi but not getting internet on your cellphone. If you have tried all the methods above, it still doesn’t work, it could be that the problem lies in the router.