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PUBG Mobile Settings so that it doesn't lag on Android (so it doesn't get stuck)

Lag when playing games is really annoying, especially FPS games like PUBG Mobile where it takes the right accuracy and the right movement so that it is not easily shot by the enemy, it certainly requires smooth gameplay.

PUBG Mobile settings so that it doesn't lag on Android

Therefore, pubg settings must match the device we are using and appropriate both in terms of graphics, game controls, and others.

In pubg steam, we might find it easier to do the settings because there are many options that we can turn off, especially things related to graphics. Now on Android we need the best pubg mobile settings so that it doesn’t lag when played.

How to set PUBG Mobile so that it doesn’t lag on Android

Specifically, the pubg setting so that it doesn’t lag is that the graphics section is set to a minimum to find out how far your cellphone can play this game smoothly

Go to graphic settings, then settings as shown below

PUBG Mobile settings so that it doesn't lag on Android

The above is the minimum setting that can be done, if the pubg game continues to run smoothly without lag, you can change it one by one by sliding to the right until it feels smooth enough when played

You can try it in training mode first

6 Tips So PUBG Doesn’t Lag on Android

These tips will be maximized in terms of using your Android smartphone, starting from choosing a smooth server, using a game booster, a fast network and also cellphone specifications as the minimum limit for playing pubg games.

Android phone specifications

Of course there are minimum specifications for playing pubg games on Android to run smoothly. According to the information we got, below are the recommended specifications.

  • CPU : Quad Core
  • Operating System : Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Internal Memory: 1GB

With the specifications above you can play pubg games smoothly without lag.

Use 4G LTE Network To Be Stable

Because pubg is a battleground game where there are 100 players released in one gameplay, it requires a stable connection in order to get smooth gameplay. We recommend using a mobile operator that already supports 4G so that the lag problem can be resolved in terms of connection.

Turn off Voice Chat

Turn off the voice chat feature if your network is less stable, because with this feature your quota and internet speed are the determinants of smoothness when playing pubg.

Play with SOLO Mode

Playing solo mode will be lighter than when playing in a team or squad. This mode will be smoother because there is no need to communicate with teammates when playing it.

Choose the Fastest Server

When you want to enter the game, make sure you have set a fast server with a green ping rate. Because Indonesia is on an Asian server, you should choose an Asian server. Or you can also choose the KRJP server which is located in Korea.

Using Game Booster App

If the pubg game lags because of the use of ram that is not optimal, then you can use the help of a third-party application called Game Booster. This application will automatically relieve your ram and make the cellphone lighter so that when playing pubg games it doesn’t lag and is heavy.

If you have done all the above tips and pubg settings correctly, it is guaranteed that your pubg game will not lag and break when played on your android phone.