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5 Ways to Unlock Android Pattern Without Reset, Work 100%!

Your Android smartphone is certainly stored a lot of important things, even those that are confidential or private. So of course you will try really hard to secure it from the hands of jail, especially from your friends who like to be nosy. One of them is by making the smartphone locked with a pattern.

Android Pattern Lock

However, there are still many cases where smartphone users forget their own cell phone pattern. Then what if you forget the pattern password on your Android?

Maybe many say that the only way is to restore the phone to factory settings or factory reset.

Even though of course this method will make all the data on your phone’s internal memory deleted and have not been backed up. Then is there any other way without having to reset to factory settings? No need to worry or panic, you can try some of the ways below;

These 5 Ways Can Unlock Pattern Lock Without Reset

1. Using the Forgot pattern / forgot password feature

If you are caught incorrectly entering your smartphone password/pattern then:

  • There will be an option under the keyboard, namely “forgot pattern”, then click on that option.
  • You will be presented with a column to enter your email address and password, if you have entered your email select sign in.
  • You will be faced with the choice of “answer a question” or “submit a new pattern”. Choose send new pattern.
  • By opening the email on another device, you will get a message containing the new pattern.
  • Finally, enter the pattern sent on the locked smartphone. This method only requires an internet connection and an active email address.

2. Unlock pattern with Android Device Manager

  • Open the browser by borrowing a friend’s smartphone, then access the browser and go to Android Device Manager
  • Make sure to log in with the account on the locked smartphone.
  • Choose log in and you will find 3 options, ring, lock or delete.
  • Select the key and you will be asked to enter a new password. After input select ok. And your Android smartphone has been unlocked.

3. Reboot to Safe Mode

This method is if you are using a third-party security application. The way you do is simply enter the application and look for the safe mode option then you just choose to disable password / pattern.

4. Use a friend’s Smartphone for calls

Try it by asking a friend to call you. During a call, you select the menu then go to settings and deactivate the password/pattern. Then return to the call and end the call then your Android can be accessed.

5. Create a Crash Lock Screen

  • On the pattern display screen select only emergency calls, then enter stars
  • 10 times sequentially then copy and repeat next to it until it can no longer accommodate the characters you copied.
  • Then go back to the locked screen and select the camera,
  • Pull down the notification window and select settings.

You will be prompted to enter a password. Then long press and paste in the column until it is full of characters. As a result, the locked screen will crash/broken so you can access your Android.

If all the methods above have been tried but still don’t work, then the only way is to do a factory reset. But you need to know that not all Android devices, especially Samsung, will be easy to reset, because there is a Google account bypass feature that will ask for the first email for user verification.

There is nothing wrong if you try your best for your beloved smartphone without the need to reset and lose all your important files. Read also

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If you experience failure with the example of the method above, then try to go to the service to be opened via the Adb PC. good luck!