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Download Light Debug APK + How to Use RGB

Who doesn’t like it when our Android phones have an RGB display or colored lights on each side of the screen? We can do all that with the Light debug apk which is a special RGB lighting decoration application for Android. Curious what it looks like? So it will be like below later.

Light Debug APK

Your cellphone will be cooler and more attractive when turned on in a dark place or at night, and you can show off to your friends that your smartphone has colorful RGB lights like today’s PC gaming setups.

Maybe you are familiar with the display above and remember the same application, namely border light, the Light Debug APK application is still one family with the application. However, there are some differences between the two applications, so we recommend light debugging for you.

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The admin has tried it himself on a non-pony Xiaomi cellphone, where this application is quite entertaining and can be used as a boredom buster when the standard theme display is starting to get out of hand.

Download Light Debug Apk

Because this application comes from outside the play store, then you must first set the Security settings (Unknown Sources) to allow installing the apk.

Download Light Debug.apk (Google Drive)

After that install as usual and wait until the installation is complete

How to Use Light Debug on Android

Run the light debug application then click activate

Wallpaper Set

And in this view you can adjust the lights on the side of your cellphone screen such as speed, thickness, border and others.

We will explain in more detail below

  • Cycling speed : Determine the speed of the RGB lights on the side of the cellphone screen
  • Border size : Adjust the thickness of the lamp
  • Border size on lockscreen : Set the thickness of the light on the lock screen (Lock Screen)
  • Border radius bottom : Adjust the curve in the bottom corner of the screen
  • Border radius top : Adjust the curve in the top corner of the screen
  • Notch : Activate border for Notch / Bangs cellphone (Disable if your cellphone doesn’t have bangs)
  • Background Image : Set the image background (usually black)

So how does the light debug apk work, here it will create moving wallpapers and backgrounds with animated colorful lights on each side of the cellphone screen.

So don’t get the wrong idea that there will be real lights that will decorate your cellphone. For styles, this application is certainly very appropriate when in a dark place it can light up clearly.

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You need to know that the light debug apk v1.0 application is the first application that has just been released. So in the future there may be more recent updates such as adding the color of the lights and other settings that will make the smartphone look cooler. Good luck guys