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Oppo Default Applications That Can Be Removed and Not

Oppo Default Applications That Can Be Removed

When you buy a new Oppo cellphone, later when you open the cellphone you will find several applications that have been installed by themselves. That’s the name of the default application, it automatically exists even though the cellphone we use is new and has never been used by anyone. From some of these default applications, there are HP Oppo default applications that can be deleted and cannot be deleted.

Deleting the default application itself will not damage the cellphone. Most people intentionally delete default apps because they make storage full or they are useless.

If you’re curious about what default apps are allowed to be removed, you can actually check it yourself in the following way.

  • Go to your HP menu screen
  • Press and hold the application you want to delete until several options appear
  • Select the ‘App Info’ option, after which you will go to the uninstall button
  • There are 2 buttons you can press, namely ‘Force Stop’ and ‘Uninstall’ or uninstall
  • If the ‘Uninstall’ button can be pressed, it means that the app can be uninstalled
  • Meanwhile, if you can’t press it, you shouldn’t delete it

An example of Oppo’s default application that cannot be deleted is the Weather application. You can only force it to stop working, but it’s best not to.

Applications that we cannot delete are very useful for us. If you force delete an application that you can’t delete, it could end up harming you.

Although the loss does not make HP damaged. In the end, it comes back to yourself, whether the application is important or not.

Default Oppo HP applications that can be deleted

And for more details, here are some of the default HP Oppo applications that can be deleted.

  1. Oppo App Market
  2. recorder
  3. Compass
  4. Radio
  5. Calculator
  6. Clone Phone
  7. Oppo Default Browser
  8. Maps
  9. Google Music
  10. Google Chrome
  11. Duo
  12. Google Play Movies and TV
  13. E-mail
  14. Theme
  15. Google Photos

And much more. The fewer applications, the lighter your cellphone because it does not take up much storage space.

On the Oppo cellphone, there is such a thing as a folder that groups the applications or games that are often used. If you’re a minimalist type of person who doesn’t need a lot of apps stored on your phone, you can delete those apps that you rarely use so that your storage isn’t wasted.

Default Oppo HP applications that can’t be deleted

Apart from that, there are 3 apps that you should not delete. This number could increase, but the important thing is that these 3 Oppo applications should not be deleted:

  1. Phone

This app can make your phone make calls. Although now we use the WhatsApp application more, but still this application should not be deleted no matter what the circumstances.

  1. Call Settings

This application has a function to make settings related to calls. Such as: waiting calls and forwarding calls. If the application is deleted, the function cannot run.

  1. Google Play Services

Google Play and Google Play Services are separate. The Google-owned application, if examined, does take up a lot of space, besides that it makes the battery hot and runs out quickly (the impact if the HP specs don’t support it).

Its own use is to manage all Google applications, and the main use is to update Google applications installed on our cellphones.

In essence, if Google Play Services is removed, we will have trouble opening Google’s applications because they are not updated.

Apart from these three applications, there are other applications.

And that’s some of the default HP Oppo applications that can be deleted and should not be deleted. May be useful.