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Samsung Default Apps That You Can Delete and Not

Default Samsung Mobile Applications That Can Be Removed

Is it safe to delete Samsung’s default apps? It should be safe, but also consider the functions and benefits. Because Samsung’s default applications are also very useful.

You can actually consider this default application for a Samsung cellphone that you can delete for yourself. But the problem is, Samsung will not let the application just be deleted. So there are some applications that cannot be deleted, but can be disabled.

Disabling the default application is also not a problem, there is no big danger lurking, even if you delete the application incorrectly, you can download it again or activate it again.

As for how to delete the default Samsung HP applications are as follows:

  • Enter the settings menu
  • Then look for the ‘Applications’ menu
  • Then search for the default app that you want to remove
  • Click the application until the ‘Uninstall’ option appears.
  • If the word ‘Uninstall’ doesn’t appear, you can choose another option usually there are 3 or 2 options: Uninstall, Force Stop, and Delete Update

If the ‘Uninstall’ button does not appear, be careful because if you delete the application by disabling it, your HP balance will be disturbed.

Importantly, never disable/disable these apps:

In some cases, there are also times when we want to delete Samsung’s default applications, but it doesn’t work because we only delete application updates. Usually Samsung apps that are difficult to remove are Samsung Themes, right?

A little advice, just delete apps that take up big storage. If it’s just a small app, it’s best to leave it alone because Samsung has a lot of small apps if you check in its Application Manager.

To be clearer what are the default Samsung HP applications that can be deleted, see the following list:

Default Samsung Mobile Applications that can be deleted

List of Default Samsung HP Applications that can be removed:

  1. Galaxy Themes
  2. Bixby Apps
  3. Word, Excel, Power Point (Only Charge is disabled)
  4. Google Chrome
  5. Youtube
  6. Hangout
  7. Default Browser
  8. Calculator
  9. Camera
  10. E-mail
  11. Gmail
  12. One Drive
  13. Radio
  14. Gallery
  15. Maps (Google maps)
  16. Memo / Notes
  17. Music player
  18. Widgets
  19. Voice recorder
  20. video player
  21. All Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  22. ChatOn

Samsung Default Apps That You Shouldn’t Delete

Here’s a list of the default Samsung cellphone applications that shouldn’t be deleted and the dangers:

  1. Google Play Services
  2. Google Play Games
  3. Accounts And Sync Settings
  4. Android Service / Android System
  5. Applications Provider
  6. Battery
  7. Bluetooth Services
  8. Game Launcher (Actually not dangerous, only if you are a game lover don’t let this application be deleted)
  9. Calling
  10. Contact
  11. Google Account Manager
  12. Google Contacts Sync
  13. System notes
  14. Storage media
  15. Pac Processor
  16. Calibration Sensor

Samsung has a lot of built-in apps but not all of them are big in size. Just in case who knows it’s an important application, we recommend that you delete applications that are clearly consuming large memory space.

List of Samsung Bloatware Applications (Original Default)

  1. Bixby Home
  2. Weather
  3. E-mail
  4. Galaxy Apps
  5. ChatOn
  6. Samsung Kies
  7. Samsung Account
  8. Samsung Launcher
  9. Galaxy Themes
  10. Game Launcher
  11. Dictionary
  12. Google Play and Google Play Services
  13. LinkedIn
  14. Maps
  15. Excel
  16. Word
  17. Samsung Lime
  18. Galaxy Apps
  19. Voice recorder
  20. Music player
  21. Samsung Billing
  22. Samsung In-App Purchase
  23. Samsung Push Service
  24. Safety Information
  25. Radio
  26. Calendar
  27. Samsung Gear
  28. One Drive
  29. power point
  30. Samung Health
  31. Samsung Voice
  32. Hangouts
  33. Samsung Planer
  34. Internet (Default Browser)
  35. Memo

In addition to deleting the default application, replacing the default application with another application is not a problem, aka it’s safe.

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For more information about the default Samsung cellphone applications that can be deleted, you can estimate for yourself because each Samsung cellphone default application is not all the same, depending on what Samsung HP series you are using.