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10 Best Automatic Instagram Like Apps (100% Free)

instagram like app

Likes on Instagram posts show how many people are interested or like the post. However, not a few people also give likes without the basis of interest, it’s just a formality. For an important (commercial) account, the number of likes certainly greatly affects their popularity on social media.

In this modern era, it is not impossible to get likes and followers instantly. There are many supporting applications that can be used to get it all.

The more likes you get, the more pride you get and it can also lure potential advertisers to endorse us. Well, for those of you whose likes are still stuck at the same number, let’s use the following Instagram like application:

1. Likes hash

Likes hash

One trick to get lots of photo likes on IG is to take advantage of trending hashtags or by filtering hashtags that match your status.

This is the function of the Likes hash where he will choose a hashtag that matches the photo and then also recommends the hashtags that are trending so that your photos have the opportunity to enter Instagram searches.

2. Lovegram

Lovegram is an application made by JNCK Media where the website is already well known for its various tools for social media needs. JNCK also has a feature to stalk private accounts without having to follow them first.

The use of this application is quite easy, you only need to log in using your Instagram account, and in it there are several menu panels that we can use to get Instagram love in a fast way.

3. Super Likes

Super Likes

Just like the first application, Super Likes uses tags to get photo likes on Instagram. This method is really the safest way to use so that our account doesn’t get hacked or banned.

The features of the application are:

  • Latest instagram tags
  • Real followers
  • Tag the theme liked by Instagram
  • Copy multiple tags with just one click

This application is very easy to use, free, safe and you will not be asked to login first.

4. Likes for Instagram

Likes for Instagram

One of the Instagram like applications that was popular from 2022 to 2022 was Likes for Instagram. This app will send lots of likes to your photos in a magical way.

But it’s a shame because we can’t find Likes for Instagram anymore on the Play Store. This application has stopped being updated in 2022, but you can try it yourself, it doesn’t hurt right?

5. Neutrino+


Neutrino+ is an Instagram like application that is well known to many people, even this application is often used to optimize a photo post on IG so that many will see it.

The way it works is also not much different from other applications, namely using tags as the ultimate move. Because they believe that by using the right and trending tags, our posts will have the opportunity to be seen by many people and also the chance to get likes will be greater.

6. Likes & Followers for Instagram

The Like & Followers for Instagram application is one of the most favorite likes applications among Instagram users. This application can increase likes on your posts by exchanging points.

The coin exchange is also cheaper than other applications where to get 10 likes the user only needs to exchange 20 coins.

Likes & Followers for Instagram

Besides being able to add Instagram likes, this application can also be used to increase the number of followers where 1 follower requires 10 coins.

Another cool feature of this application is that there is a statistical graph that shows the movement of followers, likes and comments on an account. So we can continue to monitor our IG account.

In addition, this application also has several analysis functions such as location search, search history or hashtags.

7. Like Plus

Another Instagram likes application that is also recommended for use is Like Plus. By using this application, you can add up to 40 likes every day.

Like Plus

Likes can be obtained for free without the need to collect coins or like other account posts, but by viewing advertising videos. The more videos you view, the more likes you have on Instagram.

Another advantage of this application is that it has a simple “user interface” so it is easy to use. In addition, this application is very light with a size of 5.1 MB. For old school cellphone users, don’t worry about running slow.

8. Get More Likes + Followers

The Get More Like + Followers application will make your posts have more likes than usual. This addition of likes works for every recent post you have. In addition, this application is also very effective in increasing the number of followers.

Get More Likes + Followers

How to get likes and followers just by adding hashtags on Instagram posts. This hashtag will later make the post visible to other accounts.

This application does not only work on Instagram, but is also compatible with other social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

9. Real Followers & Likes Boost

Another application that can be used to make your posts on Instagram more likes is Real Followers & Likes Boost. This application can increase the number of likes up to 1000 more likes by copying and pasting some popular tags that have been prepared by the developer.

Real Followers & Likes Boost

In addition, likes can also be increased by exchanging points owned by each account. This application is available in free and premium versions with a size of 6.4 MB.

10. Like4Like

Another application that should not be missed to get more Instagram likes is Like4Like. This application uses a barter system where likes given to other account posts will automatically become additional likes on new posts later.


At the beginning of registering, users will be given 50 free coins which can also be exchanged for Instagram likes. This application is super light with an APK size of 1.1 MB, highly recommended for Android with limited RAM.

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Notes: Of course there is no guarantee that all the photos you post using the above application will get a lot of likes, it depends on how often you use it.

Well, those were some Instagram like applications that you can choose to increase the number of likes so that posts are more popular. Then, which one do you want to try?