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3 Ways to Overcome FUP Indosat Unlimited 2022

How to Overcome FUP Indosat

For those who are annoyed because the Indosat unlimited package is slow because of the FUP, let’s see how to overcome the Indosat FUP so that it returns fast and the speed becomes stable again.

Indosat Ooredoo is one of the pioneering providers that is favored by young people, especially those who are still in school and do not have a job. Because they often provide cheap internet package promos at very affordable prices.

Packages like this are often awaited by users who like to watch streaming or social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and chat with friends.

Especially now that the name is online (in the network) which acts as a distance learning system through online. Of course we need a cheap internet package to support this government program.

Indosat itself also issued an unlimited internet package which can be used for 24 hours non-stop. But unfortunately, this freedom is hindered by what is called FUP or an easier system of blocking internet speed when a certain quota has run out.

I myself am very upset because this FUP is very annoying, especially for customers like me who live in the village, the network is never full, plus the FUP limit is getting worse and worse.

Of course here I started looking for information on whether there was a way to overcome this Indosat Fup, and it turned out that there really was. For work or not, I don’t know because sometimes the results are different for each region.

This method can be used for Indosat users with the Freedom Combo package and also to overcome the FUP Indosat Unlimited Youtube.

How to Overcome FUP Indosat Unlimited

Indosat FUP is also commonly referred to as a fair usage limit, for example, if you buy a 3 GB unlimited package, then after the 3 GB main quota, the internet speed will decrease, so that’s what is called FUP.

Then, how to overcome the limit of Indosat’s fair use? Listen below:

1. Change APN

You may already know with the fastest Indosat apn settings, but did you know that there is an Indosat anti-fup apn?

Of course not, yes, with this apn you can keep surfing the internet without being afraid of limits that make it slow.

This is one way that is not complicated, because it can be done directly in the settings of your Android phone. For more details, please follow the steps below…

apn anti fup indosat
  1. Open Arrangement > Mobile network > Access Point Name (APN).
  2. Select Add APN.
  3. Then do the settings as below:
  • NAME : Indosat Anti FUP
  • APN : Indosat4G
  • PROXY : default
  • PORTS : default
  • Username : leave blank
  • Password: empty
  • APN Protocol : IPv4/IPv6
  • Roaming protocol : IPv4/IPv6

If the APN has been created, to activate it you have to select the setting earlier. Let’s get stronger, everyone network refresh by turning off the cellphone and then turning it back on, but before that make sure you have deactivated the data package first, then after the cellphone is alive, please turn on the data package again.

If it’s alive again, let’s try it now. Just try to stream youtube for example, try to see if it’s still slow or has there been a slight change?

There should be a slight improvement, if it’s still slow, try another application, for example browsing on chrome to find information on the internet, for example, how to check Indosat numbers or download anime.

But if it still fails, don’t be sad, because we can do other ways, for example by using a third-party application called Psiphon Pro.

2. Using Psiphon Pro

For lovers of gretongan or free internet, you must be familiar with Psiphon Pro. An application that can manipulate internet data so that we can take advantage of a provider’s loophole to get free internet access or just to speed up the connection.

This application can be downloaded for free through the Play Store. Then run the application and select the server you want to use.

Next select Proxy settings.

how to deal with fup indosat 2020

Check “Connect via HTTP Proxy”.

FUP Indosat Freedom Combo

Select “Custom HTTP headers”.

Check “Add custom HTTP header”.

Fup Indosat Unlimited Youtube

In the header section, fill it with:

  • Header 1: X-Online-Host and
  • Header 2: Host_Port and
  • Header 3: and
  • Header 4: Host_port and

As for headers 5 and 6 just leave it blank.

If all settings have been done correctly, now return to the initial screen and click Start to run the application, wait until the psiphon logo appears in the notification that means the application is active.

If you are already connected to the internet, now try to open the YouTube application and try to play one or two videos, is it better not to be as slow as at the beginning? Of course there will be improvements, but if it’s still slow, try checking again whether the settings are correct or not.

Because in some cases, this method of overcoming Indosat FUP has been successfully tested and many people still use it. If it doesn’t work, you can tweak the configuration for those who already understand.

3. Buy Indosat Booster Package

If manipulation doesn’t work, you can just buy a booster package or extra Indosat quota with various quota options and different prices.

You can see the details of the package in the image below:

Indosat Booster Package

Get 1 GB main quota, 4 GB extra night quota, 1 GB Speed ​​Booster which is priced at Rp. 10,000.

Get 3 GB main quota, 7 GB extra night quota, 3 GB Speed ​​Booster which is priced at Rp. 25,000.

Get the main quota of 5 GB, Extra night quota of 10 GB, Speed ​​Booster 5 GB which is priced at Rp. 40,000.

You can also buy this package through the myIM3 application in the Play Store, but there are conditions.

Terms and Conditions

1. The extra quota package is only valid for postpaid subscribers in the following packages:

  • Freedom Postpaid.
  • Freedom Postpaid Plus.
  • Matrix Max.

2. The 24-hour quota from the Extra Kuota package will add to the main quota for the Postpaid package.

3. The active period of the Extra Kuota Package will follow the active period of the Postpaid package.

4. Customers can purchase extra quota packages more than once.

5. Postpaid customers can purchase the Extra Kuota Package by dialing *123# or myIM3.

What’s interesting about this extra quota package is that we still get a night quota package where we can use this quota during quiet hours both for streaming and downloading various files from the internet, including movies.

That’s the way to deal with unlimited Indosat FUP that you can do, some tips, especially on numbers 1 and 2, maybe in some areas it doesn’t work, so I suggest you do something for sure, namely by buying an extra quota package.

Hopefully this article can help those in need, especially for those of you Indosat Ooredoo users who always complain about being slow. If something is not understood, please ask via the comments column.