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HP Suddenly Dies? Don't worry, here's how to deal with it

HP Suddenly Dies

Why did the cellphone suddenly turn itself off even though it was fine before? What is the cause and how to solve it? Take it easy, friend, you don’t need to worry because every problem has a solution.

The cellphone turns itself off suddenly, which is often complained by some users. Both Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Lenovo phones all have the possibility to experience this problem.

Various problems were experienced starting from the cellphone suddenly turning off, turning off on its own, restarting continuously and even to the point that the cellphone died completely.

Then what is the cause of the cellphone turning itself off? Before we move on to how to solve it, of course we must first understand the factors that make it a problem.

Causes HP Suddenly Turns Off

Get to know what are the factors that can cause the cellphone to suddenly turn itself off so that it can be avoided and doesn’t happen again.

Rarely on Restart: Hp that is rarely restarted or rebooted will quickly error and heat up. Just imagine if the system continues to live, will it end up not getting an error?

Just like humans, if you don’t sleep or rest at all, you will get tired quickly, so you should restart it once a day so that the cellphone still has good performance.

Problem Battery: This is usually due to the aging of the battery. Usually, if the cellphone is 3 to 5 years old, it will ask to be replaced so that performance does not decrease.

However, this depends on the user and how to maintain it, for self-implanted batteries, usually up to 5 years is not a problem, it’s just that sometimes the battery will bloat even a little.

Troubled Component: Although this case rarely happens, it does not rule out the possibility that the cellphone that often turns itself off is caused by a component that has been damaged, whether it’s due to use or damaged by itself.

If it is still within the warranty period, usually if the damage is not caused by the user and is purely due to the system, then you can still apply for a warranty to the official shop.

Broken System: Often happens on cellphones that have never been updated both in terms of firmware or applications. Usually this is marked by cellphone lag, jams and the like. Especially on old school cellphones, because the specifications are lagging behind while the application continues to demand that the cellphone hardware remains high.

Overheat: Be careful for those whose cellphones are often used to play games, especially when used while on the charger because that can cause excessive overheating.

Especially on cellphones with limited cooling systems, namely cellphones with rubber body materials and not metal. So that way the device will heat up quickly and it can spread to other components.

Root Effect: Root is an activity where the user wants to get full access to the smartphone or installed applications, including system applications.

This is what sometimes causes certain applications to be free to access the system so that sometimes the system becomes an error. That’s why the manufacturer doesn’t recommend rooting your Android.

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The above are the most common causes found on Android devices, although not only above the exact cause, there are still some causes that we cannot predict.

How to Overcome HP Suddenly Turns Off

If you are good at operating on cellphones, of course, you can easily find out what might be the cause of the cellphone turning itself off suddenly. And can even handle it easily.

However, with a note that the damage caused is light and does not involve the components, the problem is that if it hits the components, it’s a different matter again, that’s the service of the serviceman.

There’s nothing wrong with us doing several ways to deal with the cellphone suddenly turning off below before coming to the repairman, so instead of spending money, it’s better to try to fix it yourself first, right?

1. Battery Calibration

Batteries can be the main and common cause. Therefore, before we find out more about cellphones that suddenly died, let’s start with battery calibration first.

The purpose of calibration is to determine whether the battery condition is still in good condition or not. Because it often happens that the battery is fully charged but when it is used it suddenly turns itself off and becomes 0%.

There are two ways to calibrate the battery, namely automatically and manually.

A. Automatic Method

Battery Calibration

The first and easiest way is to calibrate the battery with the application automatically, see the steps below:

  1. First download Battery Repair Life PRO
  2. Run the app and select Start/Start
  3. Charge the cellphone until it’s full (100%)
  4. Open the app again and do the calibration by pressing Calibrate Battery
  5. Unplug the charger

According to some user experiences, especially those who can’t charge their cellphones to full 100%, by using this application slowly the battery is repaired so that now it’s better than before.

B. Manual Method

How to manually calibrate the battery without an application can also be done easily. The first step is to let the cellphone completely die, the battery condition is 0%.

Then fully charge it in the off state, then turn it on and then charge it again until the battery indicator shows 100%.

You can repeat this step every week so that the battery slowly recovers to its original state.

2. Clean Junk Files

Every process we do with smartphones such as opening the internet, browsing, social media and even using WhatsApp can generate junk files (cache).

Even if it is allowed to continue, this number will continue to grow, making the performance of the cellphone slow and error. It is also at risk of making the cellphone suddenly die if the amount makes the memory full.

Clearing cache can be done manually or using the help of applications such as CCleaner, SD Maid, NOX Cleaner and NC Cleaner.

3. Update HP Firmware

HP Firmware Update

If you have made repairs to the battery by calibrating it and also deleting existing junk files, now try updating the operating system on the smartphone.

  1. Go to Settings / Settings
  2. Look for System Updates
  3. Click Update if available
  4. And please download

Updates that take place usually take quite a long time, it can be 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the file and the internet speed that we use.

4. Reset Application Preferences

Reset App Preferences

A cellphone that suddenly turns itself off can also be caused by a weakness in the application. Especially applications that come from the play store and have not been proven to be safe from these applications.

To minimize the occurrence of errors in application configuration, you can reset application preferences in the following way:

  1. Entered into Settings > Application Management
  2. Open the 3 dot menu on the top right
  3. Choose Reset app preferences
  4. Then confirm by pressing OK

By pressing the option automatically all installed applications will be reset again.

5. Reset Phone

If doing the steps above still doesn’t work and the cellphone still turns itself off suddenly, try now to reset or wipe data on the problematic cellphone.

A hard reset will erase all data on the phone’s internal memory including applications, games, videos and all files on the phone.

The steps:

  1. Backup important data
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select the Backup and Reset menu
  4. Click Factory Date Reset
  5. Usually you will be asked to enter a pattern or password
  6. Wait until the reset process is complete

6. Replace Battery

Change the battery

As we explained above that the most common cause is caused by applications or battery. And in some cases most of it is because the battery has expired.

It could be due to a bloated battery, dropping and so on. If it’s too severe, you should quickly replace the battery before it gets really bad and leaks. Because if it leaks, it could be exposed to other components which can be fatal.

A few days ago we also published an article on how to fix a fast battery drain. You can read it if you still want to try with other alternatives.

For the price of the battery itself, it is not too expensive, you can even get it in the marketplace, starting from a cheap price with standard quality to a slightly expensive price with better quality.

7. Take it to the Service Center

Service Center

If you don’t want to be complicated, just leave it directly to the experts, namely the service center. But you need to be careful, make sure to only place your cellphone in an official service center that is more secure in matters of repairing smartphones.

Because the service center must have complete components, it must be original from the factory. It is different from the serviceman on the roadside whose parts are mostly not good and fake (not original from the cellphone factory).

But for minor problems such as a dead mic and so on, it’s okay if it is repaired at a roadside service worker.


The cellphone suddenly dies is generally caused by an old battery. The older the smartphone is, the more the potential for the battery to drop and cannot be used properly, making the cellphone often problematic.