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How to Overcome Forgotten OVO Security Code (PIN) 100% Successful

How to Overcome Forgot OVO Security Code

Forgot security code ovo? Take it easy, the way to solve it is very easy and not complicated. An ovo PIN or security code consisting of 6 digit numbers is usually required when making transactions using the ovo payment method.

Ovo is one of the most popular digital wallet (e-wallet) applications in Indonesia. Thanks to its collaboration with Tokopedia, this e-wallet presents many promos, especially in the cashback section for users when purchasing certain items.

At least every year OVO users continue to increase, this is because there are many promos and cashbacks offered. Therefore, Ovo continues to strive to improve services, especially in the security department.

One of them is by presenting the OVO Security Code feature where users must enter a PIN / security code consisting of 6 digits when making payments using OVO.

Currently, ovo has become a payment method commonly used by people for transactions such as paying for electricity, buying credit, paying internet bills and various other digital transactions.

What is OVO Security Code?

The OVO Security Code is an OVO PIN that is created when you first register for an OVO account. Just like ATM PINs, this OVO Security Code is needed when we are going to make transactions with OVO. Therefore it is very important to always remember it, some people even equate this code with an atm pin so as not to forget.

When you experience forgetting the Ovo security code, you will immediately get confused because there is no button for this, only a code change menu is available. But don’t worry, below we will describe how to solve it.

Forgot OVO Security Code? Here’s How To Overcome It

Open OVO

Click menu Profile

Sign Out OVO

Choose Sign Out

Sing In again with phone number

When prompted to enter the Security Code, please select FORGET THE SECURITY CODE?

Forgot Security Code OVO

Check your email, you will be sent a 4-digit confirmation code

Forgot Security Code OVO

Enter the code and create your new Security Code

Forgot Security Code OVO


I will explain the flow of the tutorial above, the first thing to do is you have to log out from the OVO application, because if you don’t, a menu to reset the security code will not appear.

After that, log back in with your OVO number, there will be a verification SMS sent to the cellphone number used and then you will be asked to enter the security code, now this is where the menu appears where you can reset your OVO PIN.

Tips so you don’t forget to return, you should equate it with your ATM PIN or if you want it to be even more secure and not the same as other codes, please provide a small book in your wallet and write down the code you have created.

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If you have finished creating a new pin, you will be directed to the OVO application’s initial menu display and can make transactions again as usual.

If you have difficulty with the tutorial above, please contact the OVO call center to resolve your problem. Usually CS will guide what to do or even directly reset from the center.

If this is not possible, please comment on this article and explain which steps are making it difficult for you and don’t understand it, the admin will try to help you.

That’s how to overcome forgetting the Ovo security code that we can do. Actually this method is very easy to do, the key is just to make sure the cellphone number is always active and the same as the one used for OVO.