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How to Unblock WhatsApp People Who Block Us

How to Unblock WhatsApp People Who Block Us – Ever suddenly can’t contact someone via whatsapp? This condition is caused by the number used has been blocked by them for some reason.

How to Unblock WhatsApp People Who Block Us

But actually there is a way to unblock it. Check out the following description of how to unblock whatsapp that you can try to do.

Delete Whatsapp Account Then Re-register

The first way to unblock WhatsApp is to delete WhatsApp and then re-register the account. This method is quite easy to do but what should not be forgotten is to do a backup first to protect data such as important contacts or chats.

Here are the steps for deleting and re-registering a WhatsApp account:

Doing Data Backup

Before starting the steps to delete a WhatsApp account, you should first backup the data. This is so that some data on the WhatsApp account can be protected safely.

The method is quite easy. First, click the three-dot icon which is located in the upper right corner. After that find the setting key and select it.

In the settings menu select “chats” then click “back up chats”. Finally, select “backup”, when it’s finished, the data is protected (it won’t be deleted).

Remove Blocker Number

After making sure to back up data safely, then look for the contact list with the name of the blocker. Make a note because the contact will be deleted later.

Delete Whatsapp Account

First, open your WhatsApp account and then click the three dots in the top right corner. Find “account” then select “remove account from my list”. After that step is complete, a notification message will automatically enter which point is whether you are really sure you want to delete the account. Click “yes” to answer this notification.

Then an option will appear to fill in the country code and phone number registered for WhatsApp to be deleted. Once filled in, select the “delete my account” option.

If a statement appears on the reason for deleting the account, you can immediately skip it if you don’t want to fill it in. After the account is deleted, don’t forget to also delete the WhatsApp application on the smartphone.

Reinstall Whatsapp Application on Smartphone

After steps 1-3 are complete, immediately restart the smartphone. This is so that smartphone performance can be more optimal and can also clear cache. Then re-download whatsapp via playstore, then reinstall it on the smartphone.

Re-register Whatsapp account with the same number

If whatsapp is installed correctly, re-register the account that was previously deleted. Reconfigure the new whatsapp by re-entering the same number. Then after whatsapp is ready to run again.

Enter Blocker Contact Number

After WhatsApp can be used again, enter the blocking phone number account again. This is why from the beginning this number must be recorded in advance.

After the contact is saved, check if the blocking contact can see their profile picture, status and more. If it can be seen, it means that the block can be opened completely.

Changing Phone Number

Another way to unblock whatsapp is to change the whatsapp number. Later, all data on the old WhatsApp account will be deleted because it is no longer connected to the application. Here are the steps

  • Click the settings menu (three dots in the upper right corner), select the account menu.
  • Select the “change number” option, then click continue.
  • You will then be asked to enter your old phone number. Fill in the section not to be mistaken.
  • After that, a prompt appears to enter a new phone number instead of the old phone number. Then click the “Finish” option.
  • After these steps are complete, you will be asked to verify. For that immediately select the “verification” option. All the steps for changing the whatsapp number were successfully carried out.
  • The blocker will not know, the user can call him back because the number used is different.

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Those are 2 ways to unblock WhatsApp that you can try. If the two methods have not worked, you can take a method by meeting directly with the blocker. Ask why whatsapp account is blocked fine and find a solution together.