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7 Best Calculator Apps (Complete) for Android

Best (Complete) Calculator App for Android

For those of you who are not satisfied with the cellphone’s default calculator application which is considered incomplete, you can download the full-featured calculator application on the play store for free which we will recommend this time.

Calculators are of course very important to help our work at home, especially for those of you who have merchandise or sales, of course, really need a calculator.

We know that today’s technological developments are very advanced, even the calculator itself is now not only able to add, subtract or multiply. But it can also calculate percent to the root of a number.

However, because it is very rare for Android smartphones to embed this feature in the default calculator application, here we will recommend to you the best and most complete calculator application on Android.

7 Complete Calculator Apps for Android

1. HiPER Scientific Calculator

HiPER Scientific Calculator

A calculator application that is suitable for school children or for those of you who are studying engineering majors. This application brings features such as a basic scientific calculator, embedded more than 200 types of converters as well as some other advanced features such as permutations and random number generator.

HiPER Scientific Calculator is available for free and can be downloaded from the Play Store. But there is also a pro feature that offers up to 100 decimal places and a nine-digit exponent. This application will help anyone who wants to get full features without having to buy a physical calculator,

2. Complete scientific calculator

Complete scientific calculator

Want to enjoy a full-featured scientific calculator? Maybe the answer is this one application. Equipped with quite complete features such as percentages, unit conversions, historical results, binary, octal and decimal and many more.

With a display that is quite easy to understand, the Complete Scientific Calculator is here for free and can be downloaded on the play store right now. Although according to some reviews from users of this application, it still has some drawbacks such as not being able to calculate cosine.

3. Calculator ++

Calculator ++

Calculator++ is one complete calculator app which is also not to be missed. One feature that is quite interesting is that this application can be opened simultaneously with other applications, it will float on a separate screen so you can read data while opening the calculator.

Calculate percentages, square roots and trigonometric functions more easily with the Calculator++ app. Is there a more complete and free than this application? I think it’s very rare. Available on the Play Store you can easily download it.

4. Calculator


Who says a complete calculator app has to have a complicated and streamlined look? The Calculator breaks all that, the proof is that with a simple and standard appearance, it turns out that behind all that it has complete features.

This application is also equipped with a floating feature where this calculator application can float even when you run certain applications. With a simple display, users can easily use this application without difficulty.

5. Graphing Calculator + Math PRO

Graphing Calculator + Math PRO

If you’re looking for an ad-free calculator app for Android, you can try this Graphing Calculator + Math Pro. There are many features that are very useful especially for students majoring in accounting and engineering to calculate algorithms, trigonometry, cosh, tanh and many more.

This complete calculator costs IDR 40,000 and you can get it on the play store. With that price and the appearance and graphics obtained, it is only natural that this application is called a complete application that is recommended for students or students.

6. RealCalc Plus

RealCalc Plus

RealCalc Plus is a calculator app that you can rely on and it’s also stable to use. Several modes exist in this application ranging from radians, octal, degrees, gradians and hexadecimal. Not only that, RealCalc Plus can also be used to calculate constants and conversions.

In general we can use RealCalc Plus as a math calculator in general. Just like application number 7, RealCalc Plus is an application without ads and pays Rp. 39,000 and can be downloaded in the play store.

7. All-In-One Calculator Free

All-In-One Calculator Free

One of the most complete calculator apps with all the features rolled into one. As the name suggests, “All in one” is an all in one application where there are many features such as 150 calculators and unit converters. Features widgets and floating calculators so that they can be easily accessed by users.

Its easy-to-understand interface makes it easy for users to use All-In-One Calculator Free. Indeed, this application is designed as easy as possible to make it easier for beginners. Is a scientific calculator application that you must try.

Which one will you choose? Of course, each calculator application above has its own capabilities and weaknesses. If you want, you can try one by one to be able to find which complete calculator is the most suitable for your needs. Good luck