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5 Ways to Add AMD VRAM for Gaming or Rendering Needs

5 Ways to Add AMD VRAM for Gaming or Rendering Needs – Image data that will be displayed on the computer screen will be temporarily stored in VRAM. The way it works is that the CPU will process the main image of the program to be executed and then written to the VRAM.

However, if the computer has a small capacity VRAM, it will be slow, especially for Ryzen APU or AMD APU users where it is equipped with a discrete GPU in it.

How to Add AMD VRAM

Therefore, here we will share 5 ways to add AMD VRAM which can be a solution for you.

1. Increase RAM Capacity

The VRAM capacity used on the computer will automatically increase if the computer RAM increases. For example, 2GB of RAM, then the VRAM in the computer weighs 256 MB. And so on. So if the RAM is 8 GB, the VRAM will have a capacity of 1 GB.


To check the amount of VRAM owned by a computer or PC, see the control panel menu. In the control panel there are many menus, one of which is personalization.

Enter the menu and select Display. After that click Change Display Settings then advanced settings.

After successfully logging in, you will see the size of the VGA VRAM contained in the Delicted Video memory. If you feel that the VRAM capacity is not enough, then try to increase it by adding RAM.

If it is not possible to add ram by buying it, for example our budget is still lacking, then you can work around this by adding ram with a flash.

2. With AMD Graphic Overdrive

AMD has its own advantages when used in terms of graphics because AMD supports its use by making AMD Graphic Overdrive software. This can have the effect of giving the Radeon GPU extra performance for free.

Its use is also very easy, but even so it needs to be done carefully. How to right-click on the desktop, after the menu appears select AMD Catalyst Control Center. Then click the performance menu. In the AMD Catalys Control Center window, click the AMD OverDrive option.

Click accept as approval and then click configure graphic overdrive after the overdrine menu appears. Then check the enable graphic overdrive option.

Later there will be three options and choose a high performance memory clock setting to increase VRAM performance. Finally, click apply so that the changes can take effect.

3. Using Virtual Memory

RAM capacity will also increase by adding VRAM using Virtual Memory. The way virtual memory works is by borrowing the capacity from the hard disk installed on the computer or PC. Namely by transferring data in RAM to hard disk.

Virtual Memory

The first step for how to add AMD VRAM with this method is to open the start menu and then right-click on my computer. After the options in my computer have appeared then select the properties option. After that open Advanced System Settings then settings.

On the Advance tab, a display with a change option will appear, and click on that option. After that select drive C to create virtual memory.

The custom size menu is used to set the virtual memory size you want to use. To end, click OK to save all the settings that have been made and then restart the computer or PC.

4. Using 3D Analyzer

How to increase AMD’s VRAM using the method of borrowing some space from RAM memory can be done with a 3D analyzer. Therefore, if you want to use this method, it is better to increase the RAM capacity first.

3D Analyzer

VGA work when running heavy programs will be lighter with the help of this application. How to use it is to download and install the application first.

Then after successfully installed then run the application. In the dialog box there will be a choice of programs to run.

Then on the right side of the dialog box there will be several panels. Choose a panel that suits your needs, VGA graphics can be a reference in choosing a panel. After all the settings are done click R un to end.

5. Upgrade Graphics Card or VGA

The last thing is if you have done several of the methods above but are still lacking for VRAM problems for both gaming and video rendering needs, then we recommend immediately upgrading your VGA to the latest series such as RX 580, RTX 2080 and many more.

Graphics Card

Of course, it’s not arbitrary in buying a VGA, you have to know whether it’s worth it or not with the specs that are currently used. For example, for processors using Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5, a pretty good VGA is the RX 570 or 580 series.

Because the price of a graphics card is quite expensive, you can outsmart it by buying second-hand goods that are still good. But you need to remember that you have to ask first whether the used VGA being sold is used for mining, normal use or gaming.

Try to buy a used non-mining one, or if it’s not possible just beat it even though it’s a former mining one but the condition is still good.

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The review of 5 ways to add AMD VRAM has ended is over.

Usually gamers will need these ways in order to improve computer performance. Because if VRAM does not have a high capacity, it will be difficult to run PES or heavy games.