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How to Top Up OVO from M-Banking BCA Easily

How to Top Up OVO from M-Banking BCA

OVO is one of the well-known digital wallet applications with cashback and various attractive promos. This application is also multifunctional, apart from being a means of payment, it can also be used to buy various daily necessities such as credit, paying electricity, paying internet bills, BPJS and many more.

This application is actually a substitute for the Tokopedia balance which is now OVO. Ovo is famous for always giving cashback in the form of ovo points which we can use to purchase digital products such as credit and electricity bills. However, it cannot be used to purchase physical products such as shopping for clothes and household furniture at Tokopedia.

Then how do I top up my ovo balance via M-Banking BCA? For OVO users as well as BCA customers, here we will provide an easy guide for how to top up OVO through the BCA Mobile application to make it easier without leaving the house.

How to Top Up OVO from M-Banking BCA / BCA Mobile

How to Top Up OVO from M-Banking BCA
  • Open the BCA Mobile application, then click m-bca
  • Enter the access code to login
  • Select menu m-Transfer
  • Next select BCA Virtual Account
  • In the form, please enter the number 39358 + the OVO number used, then select OK. Example 39358081943934555.
  • Make sure the number entered is correct, and select Send.
  • If your OVO account name appears, it means it is correct and continue by pressing OK.
  • Enter the amount of balance to be top up, at least 20 thousand.
  • Then select OK or continue and enter your M-BCA pin then press OK.
  • If it is successful, a notification will appear on your mobile screen and the amount of the balance that has been successfully top up.

For subsequent transactions, you can save the number to the transfer list to make it easier without entering the number again. This will help when we frequently top up from BCA Mobile.

Before making a transaction, please check for updates to the BCA Mobile application, is there a new version? If there is, please update the application first, because in the new version there are already several improvements that are certainly safer to use.

The update method is quite easy, for Android users you can enter the play store application then type “BCA Mobile” in the search, an update will appear when available. For iPhone iOS users, you can also check in your mobile application store.

How much is the OVO Top Up Fee from BCA Mobile?

How much does it cost to top up ovo from BCA Mobile? Quoted from the Kompas Ovo page, it provides a top up fee of IDR 1000 for every instant top up transaction via internet banking, BCA Mobile and the like.

As the news circulated that ovo is currently experiencing a difficult period where according to the news that I know that this application does a massive promotion and is not balanced with the income they get. For more details, you can read the news about it.

So, that’s the easy way to top up Ovo with BCA Mobile, check out other tips and tricks from Bungdus, and I hope this article can be useful for you, don’t forget to share it!