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How to Solve Connection Problems (Invalid MMI Code)

How to Troubleshoot Connection Problems or Invalid MMI Code

Connection problems or invalid mmi codes are often experienced by smartphone users, such as when checking credit, typing voucher codes via a dial pad and others, even though when used for cellphone internet connections, they run smoothly without problems.

This is not experienced by just a few people, but surely there are many users who also experience it.

This problem has become a common problem and often occurs. Similar problems also often occur such as sim card not being read.

This problem occurs not without reason, whether it’s from the state of the sim card that is in error or it can also be from the smartphone that we use.

Not only on certain cellphone brands, but this problem also often appears on Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme and Samsung cellphones.

What is MMI Code?

MMI (Man Machine Interface) code is a command code that can be used to access special features on the provider. Usually this code consists of a combination of numbers and symbols (example: *123#). The use of this code is enough to type through the dial pad and press the call button.

Especially for ordinary people who don’t understand how smartphones work, of course they start to panic and think that their cellphone is broken so they start looking for a repairman and ask what is going on.

In contrast to people who already understand, they will tend to immediately look for solutions on the internet Googlebecause there are many sites that discuss this problem and how to solve it, as in the Bungdus blog this time.

Generally also happens to mobile phone brands such as Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung and others.

The same thing also happens to lenovo, realme and new cellphones today.

Cause of Invalid MMI Code

But don’t worry, because here we will share how to solve an invalid mmi code on all cellphones.

But before that, let’s find out what causes the following invalid mmi code:

  • Wrong MMI Code
  • 4G network mode (LTE Only)
  • Poor signal condition
  • Provider has a problem
  • Phone never restarts

Some of the reasons above make sense considering that in 4G network mode we can’t make calls, sms and include dial phones.

But on the one hand 4G mode is proven to be faster for the internet connection.

How to Solve Invalid MMI Code

Restart Phone

The most effective way to solve the invalid mmi code is to restart the phone, press power button a few seconds until the option appears Restart / Rebootafter that select and wait for your phone to turn on again, now try again to dial the code that didn’t work before.

This way always successful This is done to overcome the problems above, because generally many smartphone users often leave their cellphones on continuously without ever realizing that this can make the system unstable.

Just imagine, a smartphone is a tool that consists of various components.

Like humans, he also needs rest time to stretch all the components in it so as not to get tired.

That’s why it’s very important to reboot the cellphone periodically, if I’m alone once every day.

Changing Network Mode

Changing Network Mode

As I explained above that when we are in 4G LTE network mode, we cannot do things such as calling, sms and dial codes.

This is not because the sim card has no service, but indeed for the network mode that is how it works.

So for those of you who are having connection problems or the mmi code is not valid, try changing the network to HSDPA / WCDMA / 3G first.

The trick is to go to cellphone Settings > Connections > Change network mode to 3G Priority.

Check Code

Invalid mmi code

If all the things above have been done but the message still appears, then the last way, please check the code you entered is correct or not?

Especially for those who want to enter a pulse voucher code or internet package, please check first whether the code is in accordance with what is stated in the voucher section or not.