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Lenovo A6000/SE/Plus Firmware and How to Flash Without PC

Lenovo A6000 . Firmware

Looks like quite a lot of people are looking for the latest lenovo A6000 firmware (stock rom) both kitkat and lollipop. Users of this cellphone are indeed busy and are also dubbed as the cellphone of a million people because at that time it was very rare for cellphone manufacturers to issue high enough specs.

Lenovo A6000 is equipped with an 8 mega pixel resolution camera, while the memory or RAM is 1 GB, the screen size is 5.0, it is also supported by a 2300mAh battery supply, in the 8GB storage section, while the processor that is the brain of the operation is the Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410. (28 nm).

Even though it’s an old school phone, this smartphone made by Lenovo is arguably still quite there today. This is evident from the many users who operate it for just daily use.

However, because it is 5 years old since its first release, of course this phone has experienced various problems such as errors, damaged batteries and the most common thing is a bootloop or stuck on the logo not turning on.

From that, here we will share the complete Lenovo A6000 firmware along with how to flash the Lenovo A6000 and what equipment is needed.

Lenovo A6000 Firmware Download

Here’s the download link for the Lenovo A6000 Kitkat firmware and Lollipop RAM 1GB Internal 8GB:

KitKat (32 bit)Download Link
KitKat Kraft-A6000_S032_150327_WCDB (1GB)Download
KitKat Kraft-A6000_S040_15085_WCB1 (1GB)Download
KitKat Kraft-A6000_S042_151012_WC29 (1GB)Download
Lollipops (32 bit)Download Link
Kraft Lollipop-A6000_S054_150915_WCAA (1GB)Download
Kraft Lollipop-A6000_S056_150924_WC51 (1GB)Download
Lollipop Kraft-A6000_S058_151030_L2L (1GB)Download
Kraft Lollipop-A6000_S061_160727_WCB52C02E0 (1GB)Download
Ota File UpdateDownload Link
OTA Update S056 to S058 (144MB)Download
OTA Update S058 to S059_160111_WC02822233 (292MB)Download

Lenovo A6000 SE / Special Edition Firmware Download

Here’s the download link for the Lenovo A6000 SE Kitkat firmware and Lollipop RAM 1GB Internal 16GB:

KitKat (32 bit)Download Link
KitKat Kraft-A6000_S010_160420_16G_WC390C36C6 (1GB)Download

Download Firmware Lenovo A6000 Plus (+)

Here’s the download link for the Lenovo A6000 Plus Kitkat firmware and Lollipop RAM 2GB Internal 16GB:

KitKat (32 bit)Download Link
KitKat Kraft-A6000-s_S010_150515_WCC7 (1GB)Download
KitKat Kraft-A6000-s_S015_150819_WCC8 (1GB)Download
KitKat Kraft-A6000-s_S017_151016_WCEC (1GB)Download
Lollipops (64 bit)
Lollipop Kraft-A6000-s_S028_150827_WCBC (1GB)Download
Lollipop Kraft-A6000-s_S030_151030_WCAF (1.1GB)Download
RecoveryDownload Link
TWRP for Lollipop by sevenmaxs (Flash with Flashify)Download

I’ve sorted from the old version to the newest version, so if you want to download the latest version, please use the link in order from top to bottom, and the one below is the newest one.

How to Flash Lenovo A6000 Without PC

Make sure you have downloaded the correct firmware file for your phone type. Next we will go into the following steps on how to flash a lenovo a6000 without a pc:

  1. Make sure the battery is in good condition (40% and above)
  2. Copy the ROM / Firmware that has been downloaded to the SD Card
  3. If the ROM is the Lollipop version, please extract it first then take it and just then copy it to SD Card
  4. Turn off the HP, in the off state please press the button Volume Up + Down + Power simultaneously
  5. When successfully logged in Recovery Modeselect Wipe Data/Factory Reset (Use volume buttons to navigate and power to select)
  6. Choose Apply Update from SD Card and select the ROM that was copied earlier
  7. If it’s a KitKat ROM, just select flash
  8. But if Lollipop ROM, Flash which has been extracted earlier then
  9. After all is done, now reboot phone you (if not auto reboot)
  10. The boot process will take about 15 minutes or even longer and please don’t press anything, leave it alone

You need to know that the flash process above applies to Lenovo A6000 / SE and Plus. Make sure to do the steps correctly and in order, we are not responsible for any damage suffered by the user due to his/her own fault (DWYOR).

Frequent Problems

Often users complain of various problems that occur due to flashing or upgrading to Lollipop, here are some of these problems.

  • The cellphone is slow, heats up quickly, and the battery runs out quickly

There are some users who complain that after updating the cellphone it becomes slow, heats up quickly and the battery runs out quickly. The solution is that you can downgrade or if it is possible, please update it automatically through the settings menu> about phone> update.