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How to Overcome Xiaomi SIM Activation Service (All Types)

Xiaomi SIM Activation Service

The Xiaomi SIM activation service notification that always appears is certainly very annoying. Especially when we are changing sim cards, of course this will often appear and is quite inconvenient.

Xiaomi has a community where we can share any problems about Xiaomi phones including tips, custom rom tutorials and root. However, to be able to join this community we are required to register a cellphone number.

Actually, we may not join the community, but the xiaomi sim activation service notification will continue to appear. If you want to get rid of it, we have to activate the sim card.

By activating it, we can also enjoy the Mi Message feature. Mi Message is a free SMS service provided by Xiaomi to all its users to be able to send and receive messages for free.

How to Activate Xiaomi SIM Card

How to solve the Xiaomi sim activation service there is no other way than registering our cellphone number. This process is actually very easy to do, it’s just that some users don’t understand the steps.

And here we will share how to activate a Xiaomi sim card in several ways. Of course, we take these methods from various sources on the internet so that we have summarized the best for you.

1. Install SIM Card

The first step is, of course, we must insert the sim card first, and remember that the sim card that we will use must be in the sim 1 slot if you are using a dual sim phone.

2. Register SIM

Why do you have to use a sim card first? Because later Xiaomi will access the sim card to verify directly to the Xiaomi server.

Make sure you use a sim card with the same phone number when registering. This is useful so that the verification process runs quickly and smoothly without any problems.

To make it easier, please access via the chrome browser so that the registration process is faster.

At the initial display of the website you will be asked to choose to login or register a new account, we click register and then enter your cellphone number.

After the cellphone number is entered, Xiaomi will send a verification code to the sim number that was registered earlier.

3. Enter Code

After clicking continue, you will receive a verification code via SMS. Enter the code on the registration website page earlier.

Please note that this code has a limited validity period, so try to enter it as soon as possible. However, if no sms comes in, you can press the resend button after a few minutes of waiting.

4. Create Password

The next step when the cellphone number verification process has been passed, it is time for us to create a password with a combination of letters and numbers to make it stronger.

Tips for making a strong password make sure you don’t combine names and numbers, especially the date of birth, because people can guess the password that we use to break into it.

Can’t Activate SIM Card?

Many complain that they have followed many tutorials on the internet but have not been able to remove the Xiaomi sim activation service notification. Especially in the activation process they always fail.

The most important thing in the Xiaomi SIM card activation process is that our cellphone number is always active, a stable internet network, a stable cellular network and carried out during non-busy service hours.

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An example of rush hour is from 7am to noon. Usually at these hours people start their activities as usual so that it can cause some services to go down. Try activating during quiet hours such as past 10 pm or early in the morning.