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How to Register for the Latest BRI Internet Banking 2022

How to Register for BRI Internet Banking

Now you don’t have to go all the way to an ATM to make a transaction. With just a cellphone, you can make various transactions such as transfers to other bank users, transfers to other banks, BRIVA transfers, paying installments, electricity, and so on on your cellphone.

Guaranteed free, just use the internet network only. No pulse! Anyway, thrifty. Here’s how to register for BRI internet banking if you’re interested in making one.

How to Register for BRI Internet Banking, Complete!

How to Register for BRI Internet Banking

There are two ways you can do this, namely directly to the BRI branch, or through an ATM machine. But it would be better to go directly to the branch because later you will need to contact BRI customer service to activate it.

Before that, know the conditions you need later.

BRI Internet Banking Registration Requirements

  • Bring your BRI passbook (mandatory) along with an ATM
  • ID card
  • Smartphone
  • The phone number and of course the Sim Card from the phone number is active (must have credit, 1,000 rupiah is also okay)
  • Active e-mail
  • The BRI Mobile application that you can download for free on the Play Store

How to Register for BRI Internet Banking Directly to the Office

Registering for BRI internet banking directly to the office is very easy, because all services are carried out directly by BRI. From the start of registration, activation and you will also be told how to use it.

  • Stage 1: complete the requirements mentioned above, then submit it to the customer service who is there
  • Stage 2: You will be asked for an email and phone number for verification
  • Step 3: create your username and password. The password you create is different from the ATM pin, because in this password you can enter a combination of letters and numbers
  • Stage 4: then you are asked to send an SMS. Each SMS costs IDR 500, make sure you have credit
  • Stage 5: You can start logging in to the BRI application

How to Register for BRI Internet Banking via ATM

The method is more complicated, you have to visit the nearest BRI ATM and then register yourself through the machine. After registering, you cannot use it yet, and cannot log into the application. It must be activated first by visiting the nearest BRI branch.

So like it or not, these two methods force you to visit a BRI branch. Cannot be done online or only via ATM. Mandatory to BRI branch, the point is for ‘activation’.

The following are the steps for registering for internet banking via an ATM machine.

  1. Visit the nearest BRI ATM machine
  2. Enter your BRI card, enter your pin, after logging in click the ‘More Menu’ option
  3. Later, several menu lists will appear, select the ‘Other’ option.
  4. Select the ‘Registration’ menu, then select ‘Internet Banking’
  5. You will be asked to enter your pin again twice
  6. If the registration is successful, a message will appear like this: ‘Internet Banking Registration Successfully done’
  7. Your user ID will appear later and a registration receipt will be issued. Save the receipt, don’t let others see it
  8. At this point your task is complete. After that, just slide to the nearest BRI branch office and activate it so that your account can be opened on the BRI application

The next process, you simply complete the requirements above. Then the steps for registering for BRI internet banking will go through the same process as the steps for registering for internet banking at BRI branches.

After successful activation, you can use the BRI application like your personal BRI ATM machine.

Things You Need To Know About BRI Internet Banking

  • BRI really maintains the security of its user accounts, every transaction that occurs, the information will be sent to your email
  • Never remove or replace your Sim Card from your phone. If your Sim Card is removed or replaced, you will not be able to log into your account again
  • To access the BRI application and make transactions in it, use a quota. Credit is only used at the beginning, so it’s calm, without BRI credit, it’s still running
  • You can change your user ID and password at Just change the user ID that is easy for you to remember. But never tell the user ID to others, as well as the password

Hopefully this information on how to register for BRI internet banking is useful and easy for you to understand.