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6 Benefits of the Mesosphere Layer for Earth and Life

Benefits of the Mesosphere Layer

The atmosphere has 6 main layers. There is Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Exosphere. The Mesosphere is the middle layer between the six layers. He became the third lowest layer or the top layer number three.

From looking at this position, what are the benefits of the Mesosphere for Earth’s life?

Definition, Facts and Benefits of the Mesosphere for Life

Taken from the word ‘Mesos’ from the Greek language which means middle, in harmony with its existence which is indeed in the middle. The mesosphere has a height of 50 kilometers to 85 kilometers from the earth’s surface.

This very far distance when viewed from the earth is like seeing a shooting star when in fact the falling star is not a star, but a large meteor. It’s only because of that distance that we see the meteor as a small star.

The existence of the Mesosphere is very important to protect us from celestial bodies such as meteors. With the Mesosphere, objects that fall into the sky can be burned and when they enter the earth, the content of the meteors is exhausted in the air. Unless the size is very, very large and the Mesosphere is not able to burn everything down, it can cause meteors to be able to land on Earth.

Interesting Facts About Mesosphere Lapisan

There are some interesting facts about the Mesosphere layer:

  • The mesosphere burns up most meteors and asteroids before they successfully land on earth. So on his way later, the meteor runs out in the middle of the road
  • There are about 40 tons of meteors falling to earth every day, and the Mesosphere burns all those meteors and protects the earth as it is their duty
  • When a meteor burns, sometimes we can see it from the earth. People call it a shooting star
  • The mesosphere is the coldest layer, it is able to freeze water vapor into ice clouds. These ice clouds are blue and white, or commonly called Noctilucent or Mesospheric Polar clouds
  • The mesosphere experiences Atmospheric gravitational waves, planetary waves, Atmospheric waves, and strong winds that flow from north to south and east to west. This event is known as the zonal wind
  • In the Mesosphere is the place where strange types of lightning occur or are known as Sprites or Fairies
  • The mesosphere helps the atmosphere protect the earth from greenhouse gases
  • The mesosphere also helps keep Earth’s climate and weather patterns as frequent as possible
  • The mesosphere has a high Atmospheric resistance, so research equipment such as satellites cannot stay in orbit

Researchers who uncover this fact are quite difficult because the Mesosphere layer is a layer that cannot be passed by aircraft, and is a layer that is too low to be placed by satellites. To carry out the above research, they had to use research rockets capable of short trips for certain experiments.

Benefits of the Mesosphere Layer

And the following are some of the benefits of the Mesosphere layer for the earth that we need to know:

  • Protect the earth from celestial bodies such as meteors and asteroids
  • The mesosphere burns up meteors or asteroids as they begin to enter Earth’s region. So that the meteor will run out in the middle of the road before it reaches the earth
  • Meteor has a very hot temperature, while the Mesosphere is very cold, the meteor will be converted by the Mesosphere into vapor which is harmless to our life here
  • As a place of formation of Turbulence and Atmospheric Waves that work on a very large spatial and temporal scale
  • Reducing ozone warming which usually decreases at altitude, resulting in a decrease in temperature in the Mesosphere layer
  • As a conductor of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are very useful for humans, so we can turn on radio, television and telephone signals

In essence, the benefit of the Mesosphere is to protect the earth from falling meteors. Well, hopefully this article can add insight to all of us!