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How to Open a BCA Xpresi Savings Account and the Required Terms

How to Open Xpresi Savings

Xpresi Savings can be used by anyone without age restrictions. Whether you are under 12 years old, between 12 to 17 years old or over 17 years old, everyone can create an Xpresi account. How to open Xpresi Savings is also not complicated, very easy!

Before proceeding to how to open an Xpresi Savings account and the conditions, also know the advantages and disadvantages of this Xpresi Savings.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Xpresi Savings


  • The cost is cheap, the initial deposit is only 50 thousand and the administrative fee per month is only 5 thousand
  • You can design the card according to the image or photo you want
  • Can be used at all types of BCA ATMs, EDCs, ATMs worldwide with the Cirrus logo and ATM Bersama
  • Has complete E-Banking services: SMS Banking, BCA Mobile, M-BCA, and Internet Banking


  • Didn’t get a passbook, all transactions were done with E-Banking
  • The ATM design provided is not always complete, depending on which BCA branch you go to
  • ATM products are equivalent to products provided by ATM Passport BCA Silver. aka the transaction limit is very small

If you are still interested in creating an Xpresi passbook, let’s find out the requirements for making this savings account.

Terms of Making Xpresi Savings according to Customer Age Category

The age of a customer is categorized into 3: under 12 years old, 12-17 years old, and over 17 years old.

Ages 17 and over

Age 12 – 17 Years

Age Under 12 Years

  • Prepare the original KTP of one of the parents
  • Child’s birth certificate or may use Child Identity Card or Family Card
  • NPWP of one of the parents

How to create an Xpresi Savings account can be done in 2 ways, namely by coming to a BCA branch office directly or through an online method.

To be sure, first complete the requirements above before making Xpresi savings.

How to Open Xpresi Savings Offline and Online

How to Open an Offline Xpresi Savings Account (Come Directly to a BCA Branch)

  • Come to the nearest BCA branch office, don’t forget to bring the required requirements according to the data listed above
  • Take the queue number then sit and wait until it is called
  • Fill in the account registration form and submit the various requirements needed
  • Deposit a minimum initial deposit of 50 thousand, and pay a stamp duty 6,500 to sign the form

How to Open a BCA Xpresi Savings Account Via Online

  • Download the M-BCA application or visit the site
  • Open the application and go directly to the ‘Open a New Account’ section
  • Choose the type of Tahapan Xpresi savings (register using a phone number that you have never registered with BCA)
  • Complete all documents and requirements
  • Choose product facilities
  • Verify your data by video call
  • Choose a pin number to start your Internet Banking activation
  • If it’s finished, you have successfully created a BCA Xpresi savings

Online registration is not optimal enough, because you can’t get your debit card right away.

If you want to get your debit card, just go to the nearest BCA branch office.

From the method above, we recommend using the Xpresi savings method by visiting the BCA branch directly.