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How much is BRI Britama Savings Interest per month?

BRI Britama Savings Interest

Britama is one of BRI’s savings products that prioritizes E-Banking facilities (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and SMS Banking). The monthly interest for BRI Bitama savings itself is adjusted depending on the amount of money you save at the ATM. The more money you save, the more profit you earn.

Britama has several other types of savings, there are Britama Plans, Britama Forex, Britama Simpedes TKI, Britama TKI, Britama Junio, Britama X and Britama Bisnis. Each has a different interest rate on savings.

Interest on BRI Britama Savings Monthly

Savings interest is given by BRI as a form of reward to loyal users who use BRI Bank.

Each type of Britama savings account has its own interest rate. But to get interest on these savings, you have to meet their requirements (have a minimum balance of ‘that’s it’). The following is the savings interest that you can get from Britama savings annually and monthly:

The following is the Britama Savings Interest:

  • 0 to < Rp. 500,000 : 0%
  • IDR 500,000 – IDR 5,000,000 : 1%
  • > IDR 5,000,000 – IDR 50,000,000 : 1%
  • > IDR 50,000,000 – IDR 100,000,000 : 1.25%
  • > IDR 100,000,000 – IDR 1,000,000,000 : 1.50%
  • > IDR 1,000,000,000 : 2.25%

Britama X Savings Interest: maximum 1.75%

Interest on Britama Bisnis Savings: maximum 2.75%

Interest on the Britama TKI Savings: maximum 1.75%

Interest on the Savings of Britama Simpedes TKI: maximum 1.1%

Interest on Britama Forex Savings: maximum 0.25%

Interest on Britama Rencaba Savings: maximum 3.25%

That’s the monthly and yearly BRI Britama savings interest that you get. Hopefully with this you are diligent in saving.

Other information regarding BRI Britama is as follows:

BRI Britama Bank Administration Fee for Making Britama Savings

BRI Britama Initial Deposit

Britama has several types of cards, the most widely used are the Classic and Gold card types. There is also a Premium card type, suitable for business people. And this Premium card is only available on the Britama Bisnis type. Just choose the type of card according to your needs.

When making a Britama savings account, you must submit an initial deposit. The initial deposit size depends on what type of card you use.

If you use a Classic card, the initial deposit size is 250,000

If you use a Gold card, the initial deposit size is 500,000

The next deposit is only 10,000.

Monthly Administration Fee

Administration fees will only be deducted monthly, similar to taxes, and these fees will be deducted automatically from your balance.

The admin fee per month is Rp. 12,000 rupiah.

More details: if your balance is below 10 million, the admin fee is IDR 11,000 and if your balance is more than 10 million, the admin fee per month is IDR 12,000

It’s only 1000 rupees different.

Monthly Card Fee

The cost of making a card is guaranteed to be free, but BRI applies a monthly card fee of:

  • Classic ATM Card: IDR 2,000
  • Gold ATM Card: IDR 6,500

Remaining Minimum Balance

You cannot withdraw all BRI ATM balances. The balance that must be left in the account is 50,000

Account Closing Fee

If at any time you want to close your BRI Britama account, you will be charged IDR 50,000 rupiah.

That’s brief information about the interest rate for BRI Britama savings per month along with information about the administration that must be paid to make a Britama ATM card.