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10 Dasa Darma Scouts and Its Meaning (Meaning & Content)


Dasa Dharma Scouts – You may have often heard about Dasa Darma. The ten important points that always exist in Scouting must be mastered by lovers of this one activity.

The ten points have a deep meaning that makes the scouts more disciplined, brave, and loyal.

Dasa Dharma Scouts

A guideline that is often used as a benchmark for a scout to become better is that this point has a very significant meaning.

Dasa Dharma Scouts:

  • Fear God Almighty.
  • Love for nature and affection to us fellow human.
  • Courteous and chivalrous patriot.
  • Obedient and likes to discuss.
  • Willing to help and steadfast.
  • Diligent, skilled and happy.
  • Thrifty, careful and unpretentious.
  • Disciplined, brave and loyal.
  • Responsible and trustworthy.
  • Pure in thought, word and deed.

Well below will explain information about the meaning content of the Dasa Dharma Scouts.

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10 Dasa Dharma Scouts and Their Meaning

1. Fear of God Almighty

This point explains that we as religious people must carry out the obligations that have been ordered in our respective religions.

Especially in scouting activities, we are usually busy with busy activities and limited time.

We can draw a conclusion, no matter how busy the activities are, don’t forget to worship God Almighty.

2.Love Nature and Trust

As an Indonesian citizen, we must protect and love the surrounding environment, especially in maintaining the natural beauty of Indonesia.

Don’t let us pollute the environment like littering. We must maintain this attitude from an early age so as not to damage the environment because of these actions.

Not only that, we also have to establish communication and socialization to the surrounding community about the importance of protecting the environment.

To establish a good communication with each other, we instill the nature of love for fellow humans in each of us, because with this nature we can establish a sense of intimacy and encourage a sense of help to others who need each other.

3. Courteous Patriots And Knights

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, Patriots are lovers (defenders) of the homeland.

In this case, we as a scout member must have a spirit of defending the Unitary Republic of Indonesia and participating in upholding existing justice like a knight.

We must have the courage to say No to the wrong and dare to say Yes to the Right, because something we run dishonestly will destroy ourselves because everything is responsible for it.

We prove to the local community that scouts provide a good change in attitude, appearance and a more forward-looking mindset.

4. Obedient and likes to discuss

As someone who lives in this world, we cannot be separated from a rule.

Because a rule is not made to be broken but to make a person more organized, orderly and not as good as himself, Well in an organization that is like that, especially Scouts.

We are taught to always be obedient in every thing that is felt, giving a good influence on us.

Because the purpose of this deliberation is to make a joint decision and unite differences of opinion.

5. Willing to Help and Persevere

The meaning of the fifth point Dasa Dharma Scouts We, as social beings, must have a soul to help each other so that a harmonious state is created.

This must be based on a sincere heart in helping not expecting anything in return or just wanting to look good in the eyes of others.

The point is to help each other when someone is in trouble and be steadfast in every trial that is given.

Moreover, in Scouting activities we must help each other and always be steadfast and sincere in all things. Like the words we often hear “Iklas Bakti Bina Bangsa, Be virtuous and carry like one”.

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6. Diligent, Skilled and Happy

The purpose of the sixth point of Dasa Darma Pramuka is that it reflects a scout who is different from others, namely having a diligent soul which shows that a scout is not a person who is lazy and has a skilled soul in any case.

As a youth we must have a high spirit of spirit.

While still young, use as much time as possible to seek an experience and spread kindness.

Being skilled in all aspects of life that makes us needed in society, not just looks and has no benefits.

Now that’s what will make our lives happier and seem special.

7. Thrifty, careful and unpretentious

Thrifty here means using everything as needed or not excessive, well this is also a very meaningful lesson in our lives.

We must be smart or careful in using something so that something does not harm us in the future.

We as a scout must always have a simple nature. Don’t be arrogant with the material you have, don’t be arrogant with your mountain-high experiences.

Be a person who is not stingy in sharing knowledge and experience, because knowledge will be more useful if there are other people who have that knowledge too. Keep it simple in appearance but quality in action.

8. Discipline, Courageous and Faithful

Sometimes many think that Scouts have no benefits, but they are wrong.

Regardless of the context, this discipline teaches very valuable things in our lives if we are good at taking lessons in it.

Discipline will make us more organized and value time. We must dare to make decisions in a very tight time, this is where we must have courage.

9.Responsible and Trustworthy

The ninth point of Dasa Darma Pramuka means that people will be trusted if they are responsible, but on the other hand, if they are not responsible, do not expect to be given another trust.

Be a person who is trustworthy in carrying out a responsibility, because this responsibility determines whether we deserve to be trusted or not.

10. Pure in Thought, Word and Deed

If we think well, our words and actions will also be good, for that we must be able to control our thoughts to always think positively.

We must know what is right and what is bad, So that we avoid something that can lead us astray. Be a good person in all aspects of life that can be used as an example by those around you.

The conclusion is actually from this Dasa Dharma Scouts we can gain extraordinary knowledge.

This Dasa Dharma teaches us how to make our lives better and have character, good manners.

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Be enthusiastic in Scouting, make this scout our charity field to spread goodness. Don’t think about looking for Popularity or just wanting to be known.