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How to Make a Funny TUMAN Meme Image

Lately we have been excited about tuman meme images circulating on several social media Facebook and Instagram. There is even a WhatsApp sticker version where users can easily send ready-made pictures to their chat friends.

Tuman Application APK : How To Make Funny TUMAN Meme Pictures

Then how to make a tuman meme image on Android? You must be curious about how, it’s even fairly easy. You just need to find a plain picture of two people slapping the other. And lucky you don’t have to look far for it because here we have provided a plain picture.

For photo editing applications here we will use PicSay Pro which is very easy to use and also lightweight. You can see more in the tutorial below.

How to Make a TUMAN Meme Image with PicSay Pro

  1. First download the PicSay Pro application first
  2. Then download the material, namely Plain Pictures Tuman (HERE)
  3. Now open the picsay pro application on your android
  4. Get a Picture then select the plain picture that you downloaded above
  5. Once open, select Sticker then select Title
  6. Enter the text you want, for example here we try “Reluctant to work, I don’t want to
  7. Then put the word TUMAN under the word above with an exclamation mark
  8. When it’s finished, you just export it to the gallery to save it

For those who are still confused by the tutorial above, you can see the tutorial in the form of a video below:

If you are not very familiar with using picsay pro, you can also use other photo editing applications that can insert text into images such as picsart and the like.

That’s the article about the tuman apk application and how to make tuman meme images on Android using picsay pro, easy isn’t it? Good luck guys.